Growing Up

We go to Planet Jump in Largo from time to time. I have never ventured out of the kiddie area. I am always afraid of the sound from the blowers. Last night we went for a mini-fundraiser for one of Mommy’s friends that has breast cancer. Suddenly, I got BRAVE! Not only did I go in one of the small obstacle courses… I went in the BIG one too!!! Of course I made Mommy come too! We went through about 15 times and Mommy was getting tired.

Here is me scaling one of the walls.


I beat Mommy out of the inflatable and went running full speed into the BIG one! I convinced Mommy to come with me and we had a blast. We went through about 12 times and Daddy came to check on us and I got him to go in too! There are several tight places and Mommy had a hard time. Daddy is much taller and almost got stuck going under one thing and then jumping over the wall. He did hurt his elbow a bit, but he is okay.

Mom and Dad were VERy happy that I went in something other than the kiddie play area. I didn’t want to leave at the end of the night and complained the whole way home that I didn’t get to go in the pirate ship one!!! maybe next time!?

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