4 arms? What the heck?

“Mommy… Daddy…” (I repeated this over and over at the top of my lungs after I was tucked in bed tonight).  Daddy finally came in to see what I wanted.


Daddy: What do you need?

Me: (looking at a picture in my book) Why does this girl have 1… 2… 3… 4… arms?  I only have 2.  Where are my other arms?

Daddy: (very confused look for a moment)  Oh!  She doesn’t have 4 arms.  She only has two.  The book is showing – see the number 1??? – where her arms start, that she moves them away from her, and then comes back lower on her tummy and does it again.  It’s like she’s drawing two stripes on her tummy.

Me: Like the zebra’s stripes.

Daddy: Yep. 

If you haven’t guessed by now, I was reading “An Alphabet of Animal Signs” by S. Harold Collins et al.  For each letter of the alphabet it has a drawing of an animal and a drawing of how the American Sign Language sign is made for that animal.  The girl was signing “zebra” which is like painting two stripes across your chest/tummy.  (Note: Daddy just Googled it and there is no single officially agreed upon sign for zebra, but this book does use a “two stripe” approach – do one stripe and then a second one lower on your body)


Potty Time…Excelent!

Tonight we were playing in my room and Mommy said it was time for a bath. Normally I run into the bathroom and toss toys in the tub, pull everything I can off the counter, turn on the faucet in the sink and fuss about bath time. Mommy was talking to Daddy and taking her fine time getting to the bathroom. Mommy said to Daddy “awww, did he just climb in the tub?”. Daddy flipped on the light and I was sitting and putting pee-pee in the potty. I undressed and climbed on up and went about my business!

Mommy has been working hard, but not pushing too much, for a while now and I just don’t seem to get it. Sure I have been keeping my pull-ups dry most of the time but if I am distracted there is no hope for potty usage. So this was a HUGE step for me tonight. Daddy and Mommy took me to Toys R Us to get a new animal for my collection (Schleich). When we got home Mommy said it was time for potty again and books. I ran to the potty, took of my pants and diaper(also the first time i have EVER taken off my diaper!!!) and climbed on the potty again! ALL BY MYSELF!! I am SO proud of me! 🙂

My Potty Dance:

“I put pee pee in the potty” *shake your butt* “I put pee pee in the potty” *shake your butt*”Because I am growing up!” *jump up and down*

Daddy and his silly book time tricks…

Daddy is so silly.  When we do evening story-time I never want to say that I’m done and ready to fly up to bed.  (Well, almost never!)  But, I can’t sit still and read with Daddy either.  I always need one or more friends in my lap (my stuffed animals) and sometimes one or two small toys.  I constantly play with them while Daddy is reading which frustrates Daddy because he doesn’t think I’m listening to the story.  So….  Daddy came up with this silly 5-strikes policy.  He’ll randomly stop reading the book and ask me a question about it.  If I get the answer wrong more than 5 times I have to fly up.  I’m not sure I like this game, but I keep surprising Daddy by my ability to play with my animals while still being able to listen to the story and answer the questions accurately.  I can manage a good 30-40 minutes of simultaneous book and play time without getting any of the answers wrong.  

I know Daddy likes the game though.  My favorite answer to a question lately is “you tell me”.  Well, I can’t get away with that answer anymore since Daddy responds during book-time with “is that your answer?  Because if I tell you, it’s one of your 5 wrong answers.”  I usually think for a moment and then give the correct answer.  

Anyway, to my any of my peeps who sometimes take care of me, feel free to use the 5-strike method.  Trying to get me to sit still and not have an animal to hold and examine for evening story-time is pretty much impossible.  I think Mommy and Daddy view it as the lesser of two evils.  Rather than trying to make me sit still, they would rather expose me to more stories.  I’ve got those two suckered 🙂

Food Battles

Lately I have been refusing to eat ANYTHING. Finally, Mommy had enough of it. mainly because I would whine and cry and pretend to be a baby. Mommy said if I want to be a baby, I can eat baby food. So while she was feeding Emmerson some peas the other day she gave me a spoonful of them. YUCKY GROSS! How do babies eat that stuff?? Well, needless to say, I am eating a fair amount of new foods now. I even decided I finally like red meat! I LOVE filet mignon. I LOVE using chopsticks. I even tried salad with ginger dressing.


Binki Fairy Update

Well, I think giving up the binki wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The first day I refused to nap. That night I went to bed in about 30 minutes. Here is my cool new train. It goes “round and round”. My dinosaurs attacked the train and wanted to ride it too!
The Binki Fairy set it up in the living room.

THe Binki Fair, Mommy and Daddy made a neat Lego tunnel. DSC_3060.NEF
Watching the train go round and round.DSC_3081.NEF
Total JOY with the new traina nd by big boy self! 🙂 DSC_3084.NEF
Look MOMMY a binki free day!DSC_3085.NEF
We have had a few battles but I give up and go to sleep. I was only using my binkis at nap and night night so it wasn’t TOO bad to give them up. I do try everynight to negotiate with Mommy. I kep telling her “Call the Binki Fairy and tell her bring back my BINKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS I don’t like TRAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!!!!!!!” But Mommy just tucks me in and hugs me and leaves the room. She doesn’t seem to want to talk about it! Go figure!?