Day 3 Swimming

Well, I let Mommy get a bit closer with the camera today. Miss Patricia thinks I am all about the drama!

It took Mommy 15 minutes to coax me out of the car today. She finally carried me on her hip while lugging my swimming stuff in a bag in one hand and carrying Emmerson in his car seat in the other. Once I saw the pool I was giddy with excitement. I ran over, took off my shoes and INSISTED that I put my feet in. Mommy set baby brother and my stuff down and was walking towards me at the edge of the pool when I saw Miss Patricia walk onto the pool deck. I LOST IT! I started screaming how much I HATED swimming.

Mommy grabbed me up and handed me off to Miss Patricia where I continued to scream bloody murder. I stop when I go under the water! Finally Miss Patricia gave up and just started asking me to scream as loud as I could… that worked… I would scream once…realllllly loud, then stop and listen. I even giggled.


swim 2.jpg


Regardless of my screams I am actually doing very well. Still a bit stubborn, go figure! I basically can swim across the pool holding my breath and pushing hard to get to the wall. The GOAL is to flip to my back and catch my breath. YEAH RIGHT! I can see that wall, so why not push for it! Miss Patricia said I am determined and will get that wall every single time.

Well, I am done for the week. Hopefully Monday and Tuesday it won’t be as chilly (70s) as predicted so I don’t have to miss my lesson!

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