Too smart or just silly?

Yesterday at my art class I was counting the legs I put on a play-doh bug-thing I made. One, Two, Three, Pi, Four, Five! Mommy asked me to repeat and I said “One, two, three, PI, four, five!” Hmmm. Mommy asked me what “PI” was? I told her it was the number Daddy said. I haven’t done it again but Mommy thinks it was either WAY too smart of me to figure pi=3.14 OR I was just hungry and thinking of apple pie?

One thought on “Too smart or just silly?”

  1. Hi Breighton,
    Thank you very much for your review of Fish Tail Willy’s. It is the first review I have found on the restaurant. I wasn’t crazy about Catch 23 so was apprehensive to try Willy’s. You have saved me the time. Keep up the good work and happy adventuring.

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