On the mend…

Last night I was in my own bed asleep by 7:45pm. I called for Mommy at 3am with a wet diaper and by the time she went and got the stuff to change me I was back asleep. Mommy nursed Emmerson and went back to bed. Emmerson woke up again at 5:45 and Mommy fed him and just tucked him into bed and I screamed at the top of my lungs “MOMMMMMMMYY, SICK!” Mommy RAN to my room, threw open the door, dove for the puke bucket, shoved it into my bed and then I threw up (not in the bucket!!). Mommy stripped the towel I was sleeping on and the sheets. As she started I was more concerned about my “friends” (Lumpy and pals). I wanted to make sure she got them out QUICK so they didn’t get yucky and have to take another bath in the washing machine. Good news is that it was only a LITTLE bit of spit up. I watched cartoons until the sun came up and then Daddy made pancakes. I had two! I also had a sippy of Propel and another of water. We ran to Costco so Mommy could get her glasses (that I managed to break two weeks ago). When there we picked up jelly beans for Grandma Jo and I wanted them – badly. Mommy had me call Grandma Jo and ask. She said yes and I got a small cup of jelly beans. I MUST be feeling better! Thanks for checking in on me. Hopefully the worst has past! 🙂

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