Dress-up and Party Fun

Friday at Gymboree we played dress-up. Normally I put on a helmet of some sort and butterfly wings and run laps around the room. I opted for something different this time, mind you I have NO clue who Batman is!


Sunday I went to Cousin Spencer’s birthday party. He turned 3 (only a few months older than I am!). He had a pirate birthday! It was totally awesome.

I got dressed like a pirate (which lasted all over 2 minutes!)


They had a swimming pool set up so you could “walk the plank”. There were alligators and snakes and a frog in the pond. Well, they looked hungry. So I brought them over some play veggies from the play-house. This really disturbed my cousin, Nick. He wanted them out! I won out after he finally got distracted by something else.


Mommy and Grandma Susie took turns chasing after me to make sure I stayed out of trouble. I liked playing on the “pirate ship”. I kept trying to recruit kids to come play to no avail.


I opted for sliding the snakes and alligators down the slide.


We dug for treasure in the sandbox. I got a bunch of gold and silver coins! Pirate booty!


What a cool cake!

Then there was a treasure hunt that rewarded us with lots more pirate stuff. I was so happy! In fact I loved the pirate treasure box so much I played with it most of the night when we got home.


Daddy drew me a treasure map and we hunted for the coins all over my room. Then I hid them (on the bookshelf) for him to find.

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