Giving up napping?

So in the past week I have only had two naps. Badly needed naps at that! I go into my room when asked at naptime, curl up in bed, get my naptime kisses and hugs, wait for Mommy & Daddy to walk away then get out of bed and play. When asked the other day what I was doing I responded “Playing quietly in my room, shhhhh!”

Today, I BADLY needed to take a nap but just wanted to be goofy and keep running out of my room. Mommy finally gave up around 2pm. We went to run a few errands before dinner with Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie.

Mommy said I let out a HUGE sigh on the way to COSTCO and she looked up in the mirror and was OUT…

Well, needless to say, I only got a brief rest and was pretty grumpy/sensitive the rest of the evening. It is storming out now and I am headed to bed at 7pm. Daylight Savings is tomorrow so Mommy & Daddy have been slowly adjusting my bedtime so the time change doesn’t shock me!


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