Feeling Icky

It isn’t the best photo but it sums up my day. Snuggled in my robe or blankets watching movies and eating popcorn was my day. I kicked Mommy off the sofa and wanted some Daddy time.


Tonight before bed Mommy pointed out that I had not gone pee-pee since nap time. She took me to the potty and after a few minutes of sitting there I put pee-pee in the potty for the first time in months!!! I was so proud of myself! Maybe now my fear of the potty has been overcome and I can continue with my potty learning.


Today Mommy was putting me in the car to head to her 6 week OB appt. I started getting fussy, refused to get in my seat, started rocking Emmerson’s seat pretty hard and then slapped Mommy in the face (VERY hard!). Mommy gave me a quick two-finger thwap on the head. It wasn’t hard, it didn’t hurt but it caught me WAY off guard. I immediately climbed into my car seat, tucked my arms through the straps, apologized to Mommy and said ” I love you, are you happy Mommy?” (Mommy was crying… ) I love my Mommy but I don’t know why I find it so easy to hit and slap her. Maybe because I love her so much I know she won’t leave me. Daddy is teaching me to hit pillows if I am mad. I need to work on that. Since this morning in the car I have been a total golden child.

In other news:

I have been super cranky and really pushing buttons of Mommy & Daddy the last few days. Today I am all sniffly and coughy. I think I am coming down with “something”. The weather is chilly and I don’t want to go outside. Today may be a movie afternoon. I just need time to feel better.

Being ME

Mommy and I have been playing a lot with my “Zolo” toy. It is like a modern art version of Mr. Potato Head. This is my “octopus”. Don’t mind the binki again! I need it a lot lately… Mommy said it is a fair trade-off for when I am fussy and just need to calm down a bit. i won’t have it forever! But don’t forget lately I only want the “GREEN BINKI!!” ugh! Good luck finding that one in the dark!


This morning I went to Gymboree for free-play. I took all the stuffed animals to the “cage” and then asked Mommy for “cheesy-cheese!” (That means take a picture!)


Lauren liked my game and wanted to play too! She smiled a LOT better than I did. I look drunk! But I am NOT!


Renissance Faire

Today we got up early and drove to Tampa for the Renaissance Festival.

To get in for free.. Mommy & Daddy gave blood! Ewwww! Emmerson and I hung outside with one parent while the other had their blood-letting.


When Mommy was done we headed inside and I got a neat dragon painted on my arm. The lady was really nice to me and I held REALLY still.


Daddy caught up with us (after going the wrong way… he forgot what LEFT meant). He snapped a few pictures of my new tattoo! Sorry the pictures are slightly fuzzy, the camera had the wrong settings and Daddy didn’t catch it until later in the day.


There were camel, horse and pony rides. I opted for the pony and the lady let me ride for about 5 minutes. After the ride she took me around and introduced me to all of the ponies. I rode on Zaah-Zee.



I got to make my own magic wand. First I picked a stick.


Then two magic feathers.


Mommy helped wrap the wand with a pipe cleaner.


Then a nice lady tied a ribbon on it.


Then I took it to a WIZARD and he “enchanted” my wand.


I had to stir the magic feathers to wake up the trolls who thusly sneezed on my wand and it was then MAGIC! VERY cool!


After the festival we stopped off at the farm for our weekly veggies. When we got home EVERYONE took a long nap (at the same time). For dinner we had yummy pasta, carrots and cheese.

My thoughts on my dinner… FORKS ARE FOR… NOT ME!



Surprisingly, I stayed pretty clean!


I am really into using my imagination lately. I LOVE to pretend and make believe. In my crazy games I always enlist a “friend”. I have mentioned my “friends” before. Here is a list of some of the “friends” that I have had over the last few weeks.

Empty box from Scooby-Doo Mac & Cheese

Scooby Doo shrinky-dink

Un-shrunk Fred Shrinky-Dink (From Scooby Doo)

Hippo in a dentist chair photocopied out of my Richard Scary Book

Picture of the Mystery, Inc. gang photocopied out of a book

Horse from my Lego castle

Stuffed dog from Wendy’s Kids Meal

Elephant that Mommy colored at the car doctor

Duck from Little Quack duck story book

The list goes on and on! They help me read, play games, go to the park and even go to sleep with me. I get very attached to my friends. Mommy said it is almost like a physical item representing an imaginary friend. Maybe I need to get out more. Maybe it is a manifestation of my struggling with new social skills in “together” play instead of “parallel” play. Either way Mommy and Daddy enjoy watching me grow and play. But PLEASE keep an eye on my friends locations because I will call for them at strange times and then BETTER be there for me! Whatever you do, don’t throw my trinkets away!