Hello, how are you…

Some of the things that I have been up o this week…

Daddy helped set up my Lego Trains… they wrapped all around the house!


Checking the engine before it goes around the kitchen…


Hanging with Grandma Susie playing with my farm train and letters…


Me working on my art skills… am i a junior Picasso or what???


Hanging behind the curtains with Grandma Jo at my Great Grandparents house… I didn’t want anything to do with anyone, except Grandma Jo and a ceramin poodle!


Chillin’ at Gigi’s house watching Animal Planet while everyone oogles my new baby brother.


I don’t mind. I get lots of time to play with him and still be the center of attention.

Emmerson and me looking really cute! 🙂


Grandma Fun

Grandma Susie came over to play again on Sunday. It gave Mommy and Daddy a break to run a few errands without two kids in tow. I liked the time with my baby brother, Emmerson, out of the house.


I really do love him a LOT. At night I insist that we exchange hugs and pats on the head. Mommy just taught me about “nose kisses” or “eskimo kisses”. They are really fun. I even share them with my Gymboree teachers! 🙂 Emmerson is a bit too tiny to nose kiss back, but Mommy said.. someday soon!

“I don’t like this thing… it’s all catawampous”

Yes, I said “catawampous”. In fact, when Mommy entered my room in response to my calling for her (it’s past my bed time, so I’m in bed, supposedly sleeping – yeah, right!) I said “I don’t like this thing… it’s all catawampous”.

I was complaining that the spinning disk part of this toy was knocked out of alignment so it wouldn’t work properly!

The toy, by the way, is called a “Whee-lo”. Picture credit to Cracker Barrel Restaurant
Whee-lo toy

Thanks Grandma! Now, can you send me to rehab????

Thanks Grandma!

I want to let you know that after my spending time with you, I find myself addicted to Scooby Snacks. I’m really thinking it’s time for rehab. Mommy and Daddy have made me go cold turkey and eat healthy. I’m NOT happy! I’m thinking I need to either have you become my pusher and sneak me some of those ever so tasty (but according to Mommy and Daddy, sugar filled, nutrition poor) Scooby Snacks or I need go the Betty Ford clinic for Scooby Snack addition. What do you think????