Camping Out

Last night I camped out at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Mommy wanted a trial night away, for her sanity not mine, since I have never at this point spent a night away from Mommy. Grandma and Grandpa picked me up at 5pm and took me to dinner and then to go visit my Great Grand Parents. I had a nice time playing “magic wand” and “disappearing” everyone. Grandma gave me a bath and tucked me into my giraffe tent, which I wanted no part of. I ended up sleeping in my port-a-crib.

Overall I did very well. Mommy did well too. I had been having a rough week emotionally (cutting another molar) and Mommy was tuckered out. Mommy & Daddy judged a holiday light contest and then went to the mall (maul!) to just wander around. They took use of the “expecting mother” space right by the entrance door and giggled as everyone else was fighting for spaces!

I got dropped home around 9am this morning and then we ran a few errands. At 11am Daddy had to help out Santa Claus (since Santa is SUPER busy this weekend getting ready for his big trip) and pass out goodies to kids in the neighborhood. Since I am deathly paranoid of Santa this year it was a good thing for me to see Daddy dressed in one of Santa’s extra suits (it was way too big on Daddy!). Mommy and Daddy took great care helping me understand that Daddy was in the suit and not Santa. I think it was really nice of Daddy to help out Santa that way! You go Daddy!!!!

Here are a few shots of the day.

“Daddy Santa” and “Mommy Giant” (my parents new nicknames!)

Daddy Santa getting frisky!! Naughty Daddy Santa!!

The family as we are now… baby brother will be here in 24 days!

Mommy is making a strange face because she was helping me eat a piece of candy cane!

This Santa’s lap i WILL sit on!

Candy canes are YUMMY! I had three!

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by to see Santa too!

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