Busy week again…

This week I practiced riding my bike a bit more. Daddy figured it was a bit too small so we made it bigger.

I really enjoyed using all the tools with Daddy.


I even wear my helmet to be wear safe.



Daddy tried out my bike when I was done fixing it!


Me peddling. I am getting better every day soon I will do it without help!


Mommy took me to a new place called “Planet Jump” in Largo. They had all these really NEAT inflatable two story slides.


So what did I do? I played in a little house and REFUSED to go on any on the inflatable things.


I found a LITTLE slide that was more my speed.


Mommy finally convinced me to go on ONE little jump thing. It was in inflatable jungle. Once I got in, i REFUSED to come out! 🙂


Today Mommy, Daddy and I went to Congo River Golf. We played a game of popcorn (putt-putt). I was super awesome at hitting the ball but I preferred to pick it up and put it in the holes without hitting it. Daddy was impressed that I would give everyone their correct color golf ball at the end of each hole.

After putt-putt I got to help Daddy feed the baby alligators. Apparently alligators eat soy-hot-dogs! Hmmmm.

Only about 6 weeks until my baby brother is here and I am starting to get really excited. Yesterday I told Mommy he could have my piggy bank and that he could even share one of my Lumpys! Mommy reassured me that I didn’t have to share Lumpy! Phew!

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