Yard Work

Mommy and Grandma Susie spent Sunday morning working on making the yard look pretty again. Mommy had spent 2 hours working on it yesterday during my nap and got all the weeding done and bushes trimmed. Today they laid out 80 bags of mulch and the yard looks AMAZING! They still need to do about 20 more bags but that should go quick. Daddy lugged all the bags and laid them all out so Mommy and Grandma Susie didn’t get sore backs. Mommy said it was good because she could hang my baby brother down since he has been stretching into her ribs and causing pain for a few days. Silly little brother!

Daddy watched me while they worked. We build a new table for my room and played with my kitchen toys. Then we played out back in the pretty yard as Mommy washed my wagon and finished picking up. I managed to get FILTHY in about 10 minutes. I was kicking a ball with Daddy and kept rolling in the grass and mulch.

After my nap Mommy & I met up with Daddy at Grandma Jo’s house again…. Four days in a row!!! I watched Dumbo (and ate pretzels…. Because that is what I do!) with Mommy while Daddy and Grandma Jo finished up the Christmas village. We had dinner and then came home. I am exhausted and heading to bed.

It was a VERY fun last four days…

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