Strange Meltdown

This morning I opted for a VERY early awakening… 6:15 Mommy noticed my light on in my room. She has no idea what time I really got up because to get my light on normally I have to be pretty awake! Well, Mommy and I hung out and had breakfast in the living room to let Daddy sleep in a bit longer. Finally we came into Mommy & Daddy’s room so Mommy could get cleaned up for the day. I was playing with Mommy’s alarm clock and turned it upside down. When it was upside down I noticed that the 7 looked a LOT like a L! With my new OBSESSION with the ABCs I was VERY excited to see it. I got distracted and forgot about it. Next thing I knew I wanted to go look at my “L” again and it was GONE! “Mommy where’d MY “L” go??? It’s GONE! Where’d MY “L” GO????” It was 8 o’clock so no more “L”. I cried for about 10 minutes about it! *sigh* It is going to be one of those days, sorry in advance Mommy!

As for my ABCs. Mommy & Daddy bought these Leap Frog videos and within a few watchings I knew my entire alphabet and all the phonics that go with them. Odd! Then they showed me a Leap Frog video that puts words together. I am now sounding out more and more words. I have added a few new site words and am totally obsessed with letters in general. I love to read signs and look at magazines and show Mommy the letters. I even spelled “CAT” with my magnet letters the other day! All because of the Leap Frog videos and parents who keep enforcing what I have learned. Thanks for helping foster my love of reading!

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