Dinner, Chocolate and Ice Cream Trucks…

Today Grandma Susie came over and played while Mommy worked in the yard and Daddy worked on the fish-tank. Now the yard looks great and the fish-tank is all fixed and working great. I really enjoyed reading and playing with Grandma Susie, I even cleaned up my toys. She taught me how to use the “Slinky” to go down the stairs to my tree-house. VERY COOL!

I had so much fun that I refused to take a nap again. After a little prodding I finally gave in and took a 50 minute nap. Mommy said she needed it to be 20 minutes longer because her nap was abbreviated because of mine. Oh well, sorry Mommy!

After my nap we headed up to Great Grandma Thelma’s (GGs) house. I played on the back porch and tossed a foam ball around a bit. There are LOTS of fun things to play with at her house but Mommy & Daddy kept grabbing my hand and telling me not to touch things. Mommy brought her laptop so we played my Dora game and also played with the computer built-in camera. I like to see myself on the computer. We all went to a wonderful dinner at a place called Niko’s! The food was great and the company was better! The waiter brought me a slice of chocolate cake when I finished my dinner. My eyes got bigger as I dug into the cake. I took a big bite and smiled with delight. When I smiled everyone started laughing. My teeth were brown from all the chocolate and I was grinning from ear to ear. SO YUMMY! After the meal Mommy took me to get cleaned up and to look at the fish in the lobby. When Mommy was helping me wash my hands she got attached by the auto soap dispenser. It started going crazy and spraying soap all over her shoulder!!! The little sensor was very sensitive and she had stepped close to the wall to allow me more room to wash my hands! OOPS! It was all good thought, Mommy just laughed it off.

After dinner we drove home. On the drive home I suddenly perked up and announced “Hear that, Ice cream truck!” Mommy rolled her eyes and told me no-no sweetie it is just the music from the Tarzan movie you are watching. A few moments later we stopped at a light, right next to an ice cream truck! It wasn’t playing its music but I KNEW it was there! Me and my ice cream trucks! When we got home I had a nice bath and read a few books and then tucked under for night night. Once I moved to the top bunk I haven’t wanted to leave. I LOVE it up in my tree-house! 🙂 Well goodnight all… I have a busy week of playing ahead of me! 🙂

Going to sleep tonight with the sound of thunder and the flashes of lightning.

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