Water In My Tummy!

Yesterday I discovered that if I drink an entire sippy of water or milk really fast that my tummy jiggles and I can hear it. Mommy & Daddy were practically rolling on the floor laughing at me. I would sit on my knees and do the twist and laugh uncontrollably when I heard the water/milk slosh around in my tummy. I told Mommy that I had “bubbles in my tummy”. She explained what the sound really was and I wanted to hear it MORE. I made myself dizzy twisting back and forth.

Mommy & I had to go to the diagnostic center so she could get her blood drawn for tests for the baby. I was really nervous because there were LOTS of people in long white coats trying to take me away. Okay, maybe not… but white coats scare me! I was a super trooper for the entire less than ten minutes we were there! I got stickers for Mommy being so brave, that was COOL! I told the guy taking Mommy’s blood that “BB put moneys in the pi-ote, sorry!” He didn’t understand what I said other than whatever it was, it was causing me HUGE strife, therapy type strife!

So what I MEANT was… the other day Mommy decided that giving me coins for potty usage was fun. I get a penny for sitting on the potty, a quarter if I do pee-pee and a dollar if I do poopies. Well, I had earned a nickel because I sat on a potty at Grandma Jo’s house. I had that and 2 pennies in my pocket. Mommy was talking to Daddy in the kitchen and I was playing with the piano. Suddenly I discovered that I could put the nickel between the piano keys! Boy did I get yelled at BIG TIME! Okay, noone yelled that loud, but Mommy & Daddy were disappointed in me. I can’t even look at the piano now without breaking down and tattling on myself. so bottom line “BB put moneys in the pi-ote, sorry!”

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