After Mommy moved me to the bottom mattress at 9:15 I fell asleep rather quickly. I just don’t like the treehouse yet… it is a bit too dark. I did however sleep in until 8am this morning. Mommy was happy as it is raining out and Mommy can’t boot well when there is rain outside. Makes the entire house tired. It was nice not to have the cats kicking litter and banging against my bedroom wall for once. The room was a bit dark and Mommy said she will go today to try to find me a different light… because the camping lantern is just going to eat batteries.

I am all better and back to Gymboree today for art class. I haven’t liked being tied to the house. I am just glad I healed up quickly so I can get back to my routine.

Daddy has been nominated for the new HOA president position and will go to a meeting next week to “sell” himself to the other members of the committee. Good luck Daddy! It doesn’t pay anything but at least we would have some control and say as to how the neighborhood develops and changes. There are a lot of people around here that just don’t give a stitch about their lawns and homes. We want to try to change that. This is a cute neighborhood it just need a kick in the tush!

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