I really wanted a hippo…

Mommy & Daddy wanted everyone to know:

I really wanted a hippo… Instead I get to be a big brother!

I would have settled for a bear or giraffe…


4 thoughts on “I really wanted a hippo…”

  1. The organic lollipop was required! No substitutions were allowed on that front. Either hand over a lollipop or no picture!

  2. HORRAY!!!!! You’ll love being a BIG Brother—really you will. Grandma Jo is so happy that Grandpa Howie is going to help you add a sedond story to your house.

  3. Tonight I was trying to tell you (Breighton) that there was a baby in Mommy’s belly. You being a loving child scooted over to me and kissed my tummy. Then immediately gave it a raspberry. I guess you are still indifferent about the idea of being a big brother! 🙂

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