Park and Play…

I did AWESOME at swimming today. I didn’t fuss as much and only threw up a LITTLE on Mommy. I listen well and do what the teacher asks me to do. Hopefully I will be done with my lessons next week.

After swimming I went to the park with the momsgroup. Ethan was there and we had a WONDERFUL time.

Reaching for Mommy

Racing Cars

Ethan going UP the slide… I won’t even go DOWN…let alone UP!

We hunted bears and hippos.

I found buttons to press.

I found a HOLE to look in!

We had a snack of raisins.

I even learned how to blow bubbles. Mommy couldn’t get a picture of it… but maybe Miss Jamie did?!

I was so tuckered out afterwards that I tried to fall asleep in the car. Mommy then said we could go out to Honeymoon Island and see the new nature center. Sadly, it wasn’t open just yet. We got stuck on the draw bridge on the way back. I thought that was REALLY neat to watch the bridge go up and down.


I was in bed and asleep for my nap by noon!

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