Earthy Weekend

Earth Day was celebrated in style this year.

Saturday Mommy, Daddy and I went to EPCOT for the Flower and Garden Festival. It was really crowded but there is no pressure to do the rides since we go so often. The flowers were really pretty this year.They added several kiddie play areas and I really enjoyed checking them out. I got to paint a picture with paint dabbers, make a coffee filter butterfly and make a fluffy pom-pom caterpillar. I enjoyed a leisurely ride in my stroller for the day because my temperament wasn’t too super. I am FINALLY just about to pop through the 1st of the eye teeth. I enjoyed seeing all the neat sculptures made from “earthy” materials.

Today, Sunday, I spent the morning with Mommy and Grandma Susie. We went to Perkins for breakfast and then to Wall Springs Park for a “Nature Hike”. I collected shells, dirt, flowers, pine cones, and small rocks.


I even picked some flowers just for Granny.


I INSISTED that there was a bear in the woods. I kept “growling” at it.

100 3332

Mommy & Grandma Susie just laughed at me.


We walked (I ran) everywhere.

I climbed all the steps at the lookout tower. I ran across every bridge and through every field.


I checked out every leaf and stone and left nothing unturned!


I saw ducks, lots of fish, lots of birds and a hippo.

Okay, maybe not a hippo, but I WISHED I saw one. The bears probably scared them all away. Let’s not forget about the bears. GROWL!

I am getting tired. I picked more flowers for Granny and we headed back to her house for relaxation.

After my nap Mommy & Daddy took me to Honeymoon Island Park. We collected shells, made a small sand castle (sand pile) and avoided the waves as they splashed ashore. I especially enjoyed putting shells in my short pocket. I am just learning that I have pockets and what wonders they can hold. It was a beautiful evening and we all really enjoyed the beach. There was even a 3 year old streaker!! (I am not sure what that means, but I do know the little boy didn’t want to put his clothing on!!) I tried to see how many rocks I could carry until I got bored and moved on to something new.

It was an amazingly fun day and now I am tuckered out. So off to bed with me! 🙂 Goodnight all!

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