Disney Goats

So I woke up Saturday morning and Mommy threw me into a clean diaper and clothes and then buckled me into the car seat. We were OFF! To where?? Disney, of course! Isn’t that where everyone goes on the spur of the moment? Actually Mommy & Daddy’s wedding anniversary is on Monday so it was kind of a get-a-way for them. (Happy 3rd Anniversary Mommy & Daddy!) Mommy & Daddy opted for Animal Kingdom for the first part of the day. It was really nice out but the parks were a bit crowded (Spring Break??). We went back to “conservation station aka Rafiki’s Planet Watch” and I was the ONLY kid in the petting zoo, human kid of course! I wasn’t afraid of the goats this time. Mommy got me a brush and I had to make sure EVERY goat & sheep (about 30 of them) in the corral was brushed by yours truly. I got a few more than once. Mommy just giggles and followed behind.



After I brushed EVERY goat Mommy & Daddy washed my hands and feet too. Mommy said Crocs don’t mix with goat and sheep poopie infested dirt. Daddy washed my shoes too! FUN!

We went to get on the train and this guy stopped us and said we were in the right place at the right time and we were given “Dream Fast-passes” for Animal Kingdom that day. Basically we got to go to the front of the lines on 6 rides. Kinda useless since I was tired and ready for a nap. But I did ride the safari and Daddy went on a roller-coaster. If I were 4 inches taller I could have done the other rides, oh well NEXT year! 🙂 I did get to wear the necklace rope it came on, that was NEAT! 🙂 (a piece of grey cord…woohoo!)

We went to the hotel and I REFUSED to sleep on the BIG bed so Mommy & Daddy got me a port-a-crib and I fussed and then crashed. Short nap and then off to Dinner at Artists Point. I ate a LOT of my pasta and cheese, a BUNCH of Daddy’s salmon and a HUGE bowl of ice cream. I behaved VERY well.

We wandered around EPCOT for a bit and then the walkway at Boardwalk. We were in the hotel room by 8:30 and ready for bed. I REFUSED to sleep in the port-a-crib! Ugh, I think Mommy and Daddy were mad at me for being so wishy-washy on my sleeping locations. (Mommy said not really!) I slept in a bed with Mommy (Daddy took the other bed because it was too small for all three of us, comfortably). I went right to sleep and then my games began. As Mommy tells me I TOSSED and FLOPPED and TWISTED and SWUNG in my sleep. Mommy finally gave up at 1am and put me into the port-a-crib and went to sleep herself. I like my space when I sleep. Mommy & Daddy were both apparently floppy sleepers as kids… Daddy still is. I got up at 5:50 and at 6:20 Mommy brought me back to the big bed and I tried to go to sleep again. Daddy thought it was funny that I was mumbling words like nose, teeth and hair. He though I was practicing my phonics. Mommy informed him that I was indeed not, I was poking Mommy in the places I named. In the dark I missed a lot… Mommy’s eyes hurt! Sorry!

We rolled out of bed at 7am and had a quick breakfast and off to EPCOT. I was miserable… tired… grumpy. We did one ride, which i CLUNG to Mommy the entire time, and headed back to get the car and come home.

It was a LOVELY trip but I am just tired. Off to nap!

ps: after the goats I don’t know why no one took more pictures… silly parents!

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