My Backyard.. and FRONT too

Well, besides the fence that is being replaced next week, my play-yard (Daddy said it is for the adults too!)is DONE! YIPPIE! Just a few more days of heavy water to get the grass all washed off and Mom and Dad said that I can play. I can’t wait to re-visit my sandbox that has been sitting unused for nearly 6 months! Daddy had some people do the side yard with really pretty pavers… I can’t wait to draw on THOSE with sidewalk chalk! Hehe, Just kidding Daddy!

This weekend has been strange but fun. Friday I missed Gymboree because Mommy had to stay home with the sod people. Friday night I got to go to a nice dinner at “Kelly’s Chic-a-boom Room aka Kelly’s for just about anything” in Dunedin. It was really yummy but I really haven’t been myself this weekend so I misbehaved a bit (Daddy said A LOT but then again it was nearly past my bedtime). Mommy was really sick yesterday so I got to do a LOT of nothing. Daddy played stickers and drawing on my easel with me. I am not acting myself and I haven’t told anyone why. Actually I am still debating why… is it teeth, it is toodlerhood, is is boredom, am I sick… I just haven’t narrowed it down yet. Daddy said I need to figure it out soon because the whining is really getting out of control!! (Sorry Daddy)

Well here are some pictures Mommy took of the nearly done yard. We are all so excited!

The sod was nice and dead and they used a little dozer to take it out… I had fun watching.
Dozing the front… They filled that entire truck!!!!
Almost gone…
The “little” sod ripper for the tight spots… it was LOUD!

Ready for the grass…

THE PAVERS…. 🙂 (SOOOO much nicer than gravel!)

4 thoughts on “My Backyard.. and FRONT too”

  1. Looks just wonderful! Glad you are almost ready to get to enjoy it! A nice dinner on the barbie and a tropical drink under the palm trees and you would think you were miles away down in the Carribean somewhere. I’m sure B will enjoy the sand once again.

  2. Hi there,

    Your yard looks beautiful. It certainly reminds me of Florida. You’ll enjoy driving up to your house each day to enjoy the scenery. Have fun working in your garden. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the summer. Enjoy your balmy weather. Winter has finally arrived in Dover. It’s so cold here…….burrrrrrrrr

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