Good-Bye Mommy

Well, today I decided to get myself in trouble with Mommy. When I was napping the landscapers came by to do some work with the lights in the backyard. When I woke up, Mommy and I were playing in the living room. The landscapers knocked on the door to pick-up a check and Mommy stepped onto the front porch to talk to them. Well, I decided that I really needed to play with the swing deadbolt on the front door. I think it was more that Mommy got mad at me for throwing a sippy cup at her head?? I locked Mommy out. UGH! I was a bit upset that she didn’t come back through the door. Eventually Mommy reappeared through the garage door. Mommy said, “Thank goodness for keyless garage door entry!”

Other than that… today was a quiet day for me. Finally. Only about 4 timeouts! Not bad!

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