Update on my BIG boy bed

I am doing really well sleeping in my new bed. Yesterday I woke up at 5-am and thought it was time to get up and start my day. Mommy didn’t come when I called her name so I opted for knocking on the door to my room until she came in to get me. She put me back in bed and told me to go back to sleep. I did, for a little while! I really think knocking on the door gets Mommy going faster in the morning, but then she is grumpy. Today I opted for clicking the light switch on and off and on and off…. then I shouted for Mommy, that worked. I haven’t decided how I will wake Mommy and Daddy up tomorrow. It will be a surprise.

At nap-time I really haven’t wanted to go to sleep. But Mommy puts me in the bed and leaves the room, I get out of bed and play for a few minutes and then crawl back into my bed and take my nap. I like things on my terms.

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