Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy all year long. Sure I had my cranky days but cutting teeth and general toodlerhood cane take the blame for those. I walk, run, eat my veggies, give hugs and kisses, pet the cats gently and am always smiling. I really like animals and the sounds that they make. I enjoy doing puzzles of all kinds and working with my mind. Mommy helped make my list so it is easy to shop. Here goes:

Washable Tempera Paint 6 Pack

No-Spill Paint Cups and Brushes 6 Pack

Roll-On Painters

Learn My Colors Fishing Set

Go Fish Playing Cards

Pony Musical Jack-In-The-Box

See & Spell Wooden Word Maker

Animal Hospital

Ramp Racer ( I REALLY like this one!)

Learning Resources Shape Shell Turtles

Small Wonder Toys Dress Up Kitty

Shape Sorting Clock

Magnetic ABC Book

I think that is all for now. Thanks again Santa and others. I promise to behave and not bite, kick or scream. I promise to be the good little boy that I am growing into.


Breighton S. Reed

PS: Grandma Susie suggested that Mommy remove gifts from the list if she knows someone is buying or bought it so there are no duplicates… SMART GRANNY!

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