I grew up?

Mommy has been sad all day. It all started last night in the bathtub. Mommy decided that it was finally time to trim my hair a little. Daddy kept saying it was too long in the back and little boy hair shouldn’t touch the collar (let alone go past it–especially only on one side!). Mommy snuck up on me when she was washing my hair and SNIPPED about 1-2 inches off the back. I wiggled and got mad when I figured out what she was up to. So she had to put the scissors away and stop with the cutting.

This morning she attacked me again when I was watching my Little Einstein cartoon. GRRRRRR! She evened it up a bit. Mommy said it isn’t the best (but knows that a barber wouldn’t have been able to get within 10 feet of me) but it will do for now. I kind of like feeling the breeze on my neck so I guess it wasn’t all that bad.

Mommy is sad because her little boy is getting bigger and growing up. I am a little sad too because it took me a LONG time to grow that hair (don’t worry Mommy saved it in a ziplock). 

You’ re welcome Daddy! *hehe*


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