My life as a Klutz…

So, there I was last Wednesday…healing very well and minding my own business… Mommy said BATHTIME… I grabbed her finger and headed towards the bathroom for my bath (I LOVE BATHTIME!). Well, my big toe got in my way and I went face first into the tile. Ugh! Yeah, right onto my boo-boo! It swelled up nicely and had a blood blister underneath. I am doing fine now… I just think Mommy & Daddy need to buy me a helmet or something padded.

After my horrid evening I just wantd to go to sleep. Well, my body had other plans. I was all congested and coughing up my lungs. Mommy tooks me to the doctor on Thursday morning and he said I have a mild upper-respiratory infection and another ear infection. That is my first ear infection sine March! Well, i get to take icky anti-biotics and have tummy aches because I dont do well with them.

After I saw the doctor we all piled in the car and went to DisneyWorld. Yeah I know, no rest for the sick kid, huh! I was fine actually…just really coughy at night. I went with my friend Ethan to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. We had a fun time. My costume was a bit too warm for me so I kind of took it off early. Mr. Ethan was really snazzy as a skeleton with green spikey hair.


(Mr. Ethan)


Ethan spent the night trying to steal my snacks… GRRRRR!


(Ethan stealing my raisens!)

But i stole his binki and put it in my mouth that way he couldnt use it anymore because I was sick! hehe! I am a big meanie I know! We had a fun time… we trick-or-treated and danced and just had fun.


(Daddy and Me, Jamie and Mr. Ethan! )

The next day kinda stunk because Mommy was sick and I was very tired. We really just hung out in the hotel all day. Which was fine by me I guess because I caught up on some badly needed sleep.

Overall we had a fun time at Disney. I am excited because our cruise is coming up soon and I really can’t wait to see all the neat stuff on the ship! 🙂

Mommy & Daddy said that I won’t be getting my new playroom because of permit issues and the room would have been too small. However, I AM getting new windows sometime VERY soon. That will be nice because the old ones are dirty and Mommy won’t let me bang on them for fear they will fall out. Thanks Parents!

Hopefully I will be feeling better by tomorrow so I can get back to Gymboree and my playdates. I don’t like being cooped up in the house this much, and I am sure Mommy doesn’t either! 







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  1. Ouch! Big toes can be tricky, sometimes. It looks like you had a great time at Disney. Tell your mom and dad I said hello!

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