Mommy & Daddy woke me from my nap and I went right into my car seat. They said we were going to Atlanta. That is in GEORGIA??? 8 hours away? Mom… Dad… ARE YOU NUTS!!?

We drove up to go to Ikea and look at shelves for my bedroom and new cabinets for the kitchen. It was a really fun drive, I got to watch movies and sing songs with Mommy. I stayed up really late on the drive up… 9:30! We got to Atlanta at around 11pm and I went right to bed in my port-a-crib in the hotel.

I had a LOT of fun at Ikea and because I am such a good boy I got some new toys too!

Mommy & Daddy took me to the Georgia Aquarium. It was OK but I really like the Florida Aquarium better. Georgia was way too crowded and I didn’t get to see a lot of fish because bigger people kept stepping on me and pushing me around. I didn’t like it that much.

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I got to go to World of Coca Cola. I tried some funny flavored drinks from around the world. I got to see a chair from Fenway that was on display… GO RED SOX!

100 1717
We saw a rasta-man driving his car with his music blaring at the top volume… funny thing… it was Christmas music. Mommy & Daddy giggled for a while. I walked around a really confusing shopping mall and was tired and ready for bed. We called it an early night and went to the hotel to rest for the drive the next day back home. I enjoyed playing in the hotel room.

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I enjoyed the car ride and more movies. Mommy played more car games and sang a LOT of songs to me to keep me quiet so Daddy could drive. We finally hit Florida and stopped and got free orange juice at the welcome station. I needed to stretch my legs. I played ion the little kids area and flirted with all the elderly women and men! People make me smile.

100 1741
100 1729

Finally home and back on solid ground. I got some nice new bookcases that Mommy & Daddy set up in my room for all my books. THANKS PARENTS!

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