Great Explorations

Mommy & Daddy took me to Great Explorations again. This time I am able to walk better so I had WAY more fun. I got to launch a ball 100 feet in the air, play with the cash register at a play Publix (until I got yelled at by the MEAN volunteer for “hitting random keys”, come ON I am a KID!!). I had fun in the farm land.

100 1650
I played with a HUGE gear…

100 1641
and Oh yeah I spent a lot of time with the puzzles… I really like puzzles now that I have figured them out.

100 1654

I learned about safety, then the sign pinched my finger… Safety, HUH!?

100 1675
I sent a Morse Code SOS to Mom at the other side of the table.

100 1678
I played on an air table and put balls in streams of air and watched them float around. I guess I had a good time… 🙂

100 1620

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