We went over to Disney for part of the week. I had a fun time with my grandparents and cousins. I got to walk a LOT but i had a hard time taking my naps… i was just TOO excited. It was a rocky trip at the beginning because someone left “plumbers caulk” in the trash can in the hotel room and I shoved it in my mouth. Thank goodness I have a quick Mommy who immediately took it from me before I got hurt. Then my crib at the hotel didn’t work right and they had to get me a new one. Overall, I had FUN! It was just stressful for Mommy and Daddy a bit.

I got to ride in the space shuttle. After an extensive systems check Mommy gave me the all clear!

100 1337

100 1341

100 1343

100 1342

We walked around at Downtown Disney and I got to see DUCKS! YEah me! I love ducks!

100 1333

100 1335

100 1332

When we got home the house was full of water!!! SneakyPie (who is now up for adoption, j/k) chewed a hole in a waterline that feeds the fish tank and water sprayed all over my playroom and the fish tank room. Mommy & Daddy were not happy with her but it is all cleaned up and dry now. They had to put down new carpet padding and Daddy used a carpet kicker for the first time. My carpet is really pretty now, and tight too! Good job Daddy!

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