Poor Fishy

Last night Mommy and Daddy noticed there was a fish missing from the tank. Frick or Frack(one of the clowns)… not sure which one. Mommy & Daddy looked all over and couldn’t find him(even on the floor and under the counters). He is no longer in the tank. Daddy had changed the tank water earlier in the day but was sure he accounted for all of the fish. Mommy said maybe the fish jumped out and got eaten up by one of my kitties. BAD KITTY! Maybe the cat figured out how to open the tank and went fishing. Who knows. I am sad because Mommy & Daddy took very good care of my fish for me.

Either way, Daddy feels bad but I said it is okay Daddy. We will just have to go to the pet store and find Frick or Frack (whichever) a new friend to play with. *sigh* I am learning so much about life in a fishtank.

But to quote my favorite movie…. “Fish aren’t meant to live in tanks”. Maybe my fishy found a way to the ocean and is living with Nemo and his family now???

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