Fish Update

Apparently Mommy & Daddy didn’t have enough information on Blue Tangs. All of our fish are doing very well. Apparently Blue Tangs are notorious for being aloof and playing dead and hiding in really WEIRD places. It seems to be better…just has a strange personality.

Mommy & Daddy named the clown fish Frick and Frack. They are goofy…reallllly goofy. They seem to be up to no good all of the time but sure enjoy having fun in the tank.

As for the Yellow Tail Blue Damsels Mommy was thinking of Gizmo and Gadget. We will see of those names stick.

And for the Blue Tang… well they haven’t picked a name yet as her personality is still developing. So far she is aloof, likes to hide in STRANGE tiny places, is affraid of everything and swims backwards. They are still thinking.

So thats that for my fish tank so far. I will keep you updated. 




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