Fish Tank

My BIG fish tank arrived today. I was taking a nap and Mommy & Daddy unpacked everything. Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie came over and played with me this evening so Mom & Dad could re-run all the tubes because the tank was TOO BIG for the spot they were going to put it. Here are a few pictures of my new fish tank and some pictures of my LITTLE tank with my current fish.
100 1299
Oh, I had to check it out.
100 1301
It is like a playhouse for me!

100 1302
Compared to my 24 gallon tank this is a MONSTER! 225 gallons!!

100 1308
I think I will sleep here tonight!

100 1303
My current LITTLE tank with my FISSSSSSS!

Zoo time with Daddy!

Today daddy got to take care of me from my morning nap until about 2! Go daddy!

Mommy left for the morning after she put me in my crib thinking I would take my nap, but I knew something was up so I refused to take my nap! Daddy came in and whisked me into the car. Off we went and I fell asleep listening to classical music (remind me to ask daddy who I was listening to!) When I woke up, I was at the Zoo!!!! Daddy took me to see the baby elephant and giraffes. They have a thing where you can buy a giraffe cracker and feed it to them. Daddy took me up there and as soon as I saw the big giraffe I said “raffe!” The lady who gave daddy the cracker said she was soooooo impressed that I said giraffe! Daddy told her that I love my animals. Animal book! Animal pictures! Animal sounds! Animal toys/figures! If it relates to animals, I love it! Here’s me after the giraffe took the cracker with his long black tongue! Wild!


After that we went to see the chimps and orangutans. I liked watching the orangutans. They were playing just the way I do! Then we walked around for a bit and rode the carousel.


I had soooo much fun. I ate all my lunch plus a lot of grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon!

This weekend is Gramma Jo’s birthday, so I’m looking forward to it!

Mantis Shrimp

My fish tank has been making a funny popping noise for several days. Mommy has been just sitting in front of the tank looking in and trying to figure it out. Tonight Daddy was changing the tank fan and accidently dropped a screw into the tank, OOPS! Luckily, when Mommy & Daddy were looking for the screw they found the source of all that popping. It was a Mantis Shrimp. Mantis Shrimp are known as “thumb-splitters” and have been known to actually shatter glass tanks with their snapping claws. As Grandma Jo can say… are HARD to get out of the live rock.

Mommy and Daddy made me sit in my crib and I heard a lot of fussing and then a LOT of cheering and screaming. They dunked a piece of live rock into less salty water and the little bugger came wiggling out. GO MOMMY & DADDY! No more popping in the tank (at least not right now??) and my parents still have all their fingers.  

Here is a picture taken from the website for TampaBay Saltwater where the rock came from. My shrimp was more blue and colorful but you can see the general idea. Ugly aren’t they??



Well Daddy found my missing fish. It died and got sucked into the skimmer. It was way at the bottom so he didn’t see it when he looked before. At least the cat didn’t eat it and get a taste for my fishy!

I have had a fever all day and feel icky. Mommy said maybe it is another tooth or maybe it is the plague again. I haven’t had a good month so far. I don’t like feeling icky.

Mommy helped rename the some fish in the tank. The clown is now– JellyMan. The Blue Tang is now— Lil’ Blue.

Well, I guess it is time for my nap.

Poor Fishy

Last night Mommy and Daddy noticed there was a fish missing from the tank. Frick or Frack(one of the clowns)… not sure which one. Mommy & Daddy looked all over and couldn’t find him(even on the floor and under the counters). He is no longer in the tank. Daddy had changed the tank water earlier in the day but was sure he accounted for all of the fish. Mommy said maybe the fish jumped out and got eaten up by one of my kitties. BAD KITTY! Maybe the cat figured out how to open the tank and went fishing. Who knows. I am sad because Mommy & Daddy took very good care of my fish for me.

Either way, Daddy feels bad but I said it is okay Daddy. We will just have to go to the pet store and find Frick or Frack (whichever) a new friend to play with. *sigh* I am learning so much about life in a fishtank.

But to quote my favorite movie…. “Fish aren’t meant to live in tanks”. Maybe my fishy found a way to the ocean and is living with Nemo and his family now???