My Parents Love ME!

I have had a fun week. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me. For the last three nights I have slept well for the first time in a long time. My bedtime is now 8 pm and I haven’t gotten Mommy up until 6:30 am! Mommy loves me. I have become a more confident stander and prefer standing to sitting or kneeling. I rarely hold onto things now and have taken a few practice steps to get places. I am not one for “finger walking” but I try just to make Mommy and Daddy happy. I like to stand up and then squat down to pick up toys and they stand right back up and giggle.

Today is my 11 month birthday and I am having some friends over to play later after my nap.

Oh yeah, I have a few new tricks too. I surprised Daddy with a new word… “FISH!” I can point out fish, pigs, cows, cats and a few other animals in my books. I still like my books. I am really enjoying the wooden puzzles where i can try to make things FIT into different places. I am skilled at my shape sorters too!

Mommy has a fun game she plays with me and I enjoy messing with her head when we play. She points to herself and says “MaMa” so I point to her and say “DaDa” we do this back and forth for a long time and finally she gives up and says fine “DaDa!” Daddy thinks it is cute and he laughs at me when I do it. So I think I will keep it up a bit longer and then maybe next month call my loving mother “MaMa!”

I am enjoying being 11 months old. It is hard to believe I was ever THAT tiny!

I made Mommy and Daddy so happy!

That is ME 11 months ago! YippiE!
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