Today I joined Gymboree. Mommy will take me two times a week to classes. One class is for music and the other is for play. I had a real fun time today playing with Gymbo the clown, bubbles, parachutes and gym equipment. I practiced standing up and building my crawling muscles. I got to beat on a big drum and giggled a lot. The teacher laughed at me because I drooled and/or spit-up all over the mat, balls, parachute, play tunnel and Mommy.

Because I am getting to be such a big boy and have learned to sit by myself (just a little while though) I get to begin in Level 2! The people are really nice there and I think I am going to really enjoy it.

Mommy & Daddy nego…negotia…negotia… got a real good deal AND they get to take me to Baby Sign classes too! That way I can tell then what I want or need before I can speak! I think it will be cool!

I ALSO (yeah Mommy & Daddy DID get a good deal) get FREE PLAY at the gym whenever I want (unless there is a class). That way Grandma Susie, Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie can take me to play too! (*hint hint hint*)

Well, off for my nap. Oh yeah I almost forgot to say that today is Sweet Potato Day! YUMMY!

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