My first Christmas wish list

So, Mom & Dad have told me all about Christmas. I’m really excited about it! They told me I have to write a letter to Santa so he knows what I want for Christmas. They also told me I have to be a really good boy (but I’m not so sure about whether that’s true or not — I’m thinking of taking after Daddy and we all know he’s no angel!!!)

Since I can’t talk (or write) Mommy & Daddy helped by taking pictures of the things I pointed at (and stared at) in the store and agreed to put them in a letter to Santa for me.
Dear Santa,

I’ve been really good for Mommy & Daddy this year. (Mommy says I kick too much and keep her up at night but I’m trying to be good). I eat my meals really well and help Mommy feed me. (Although I do get carried away and get it everywhere…) Since I was born, I’ve learned to roll over and sit up. I’ve started remembering that there are toys hidden behind things even if I can’t see them.

Mommy & Daddy took me to Target to look for toys so you can find everything on my list there (if you’re reading this on my blog you can click on an item name to see it on Target’s website but Mom said prices are cheaper in the real store and the Super Target in Clearwater stocks all of these even if the website says “web only”).

I can’t wait to see what you bring me for my first Christmas! Fly safe and don’t forget to eat your cookie fuel.

Besides the fun stuff, Mommy made me tell you that because I have grown too fast I need new clothes in size 12 months and up.

Fisher-Price’s Roll-a-Rounds Tumble Bug

Fisher-Price’s Roll-A-Rounds Swirlin’ Surprise Gumball Toy

Fisher-Price’s Baby Gymtastics Play Wall

Fisher-Price’s Baby Gymtastics Activity Tunnel

Radio Flyer Classic Rock and Bounce Pony

LeapFrog Baby Learning Connections Train

LeapFrog Learn-Around Playground

Any of the LeapFrog LittleTouch learning books. (Just make sure it’s LittleTouch, since that’s what Mommy & Daddy got me. Like the following:

Christmas-05-Ltbook1 or Christmas-05-Ltbook2)
Thank you very much Santa. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

P.S., I think Mommy & Daddy already got me some cool things so you don’t need to get them for me! I’m pretty sure they got me:

The LittleTouch LeapPad Learning System

Fisher-Price’s Roll-a-Rounds Jungle Friends Treehouse

Fisher-Price’s Roll-a-Round extra balls (Look-a-Rounds, Listen-Up, and Touch & Tickle)

Fisher-Price’s Peek-a-Block Shape Sorter

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