Teaching Emmerson

Mom has asked me to help Emmerson learn his katas for his next belt in karate. He will be testing soon for his blue belt. we have been working hard every day to make sure he is ready.


I actually kind of like teaching him things. He is a good student and picked up most of the kata after a few tries.


Lowry Park Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa

When Mom and Dad drove to Orlando to pick up the travel trailer this week E and I spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We went tot he zoo the next day. We had a fun time seeing all the animals. Grandma bought is a few trinkets along the way.


I adopted a new stuffed otter, because one can’t have enough stuffed otters. I have ben obsessed with Wild Republic brand stuffed animals lately. This is Ott and he lives in my room now. I plays on my floor in the swimming pool and swamp area.


Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa.

New Home of Wheels

When we sold the pop-up last year we knew it would be a matter of time before we ended up with something bigger. The natural progression of campers to motor homes. We finally opted for a 28” Jayco jay Flight travel trailer. It has a queen bed, full sized bunk beds, a kitchen, bath complete with shower AND tub, lots of storage and many other nice features.


The Jeep pulls it just fine! Mommy is scared to pull it but Daddy is a rockstar at driving it and even backing into our driveway!



We camped out a few nights in Dunedin when we brought it home and now we are stocking it up for some future adventures!

Bass Pro Fun


We were driving through Orlando and I saw the sign for Bass Pro and asked if we could go visit. I love looking around at all the outdoor stuff. Today I tried out the laser hunting game and did very well. I am getting better at using the scope and finding my target. It has a little flash of red light so you can see where you miss and adjust your aim. I really can’t wait to start shooting sports in 4H, hopefully next year!

Karate Update

This has been a tough year for me in karate. When I switched from the evening class back to the homeschool class it is a different type of karate. I need to basically start from scratch and learn all new katas, terms and more. Today was a belt testing but I was not eligible yet, as I need to learn one more kata. I will be testing for my green belt in a month or so.


We are learning many new skills in class. It has been a battle for me to teach my body to move the way the coach wants. I am learning quickly now. Mom said it is because I am finally working hard at HOME as well as in class.



Our little group certainly has grown!


Hovercrafts at 4H

Today I gave my second 4H demonstration of the year and then I led a club activity and showed everyone how to make hovercrafts out of household items.




The hovercraft works when air is released from the balloon through the pull up cap and under the CD. The air creates a little pocket of higher pressure air and causes the CD to float across the flat surface. I think everyone in the club enjoyed the project I did. I am thinking that this will be my project for Demonstration Day in April.


Field Trip to the Armed Forces Museum in Largo

Today we visited the Armed Forces Museum and had a docent tour through all the wars. We learned a lot about proper warfare and rules to war. I was upset seeing all the mines and knowing the damage that they did and still do to people.


The weapons have changed so much over time. We even saw a flamethrower that was used to kill people hiding in bunkers and trenches. Fortunatly, that was outlawed in warfare because it was “inhumane”. Yet war itself isn’t considered inhumane. I found the saw tooth bayonet to be a bit too much. As if stabbing someone isn’t enough, you rotate it and pull it out ripping out whatever from their body with it. ICK!


They had models of what it would be like to actually be IN THE TRENCHES.


We learned about island hopping and when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.


We lightened the mood with some observing the parking lot with the periscope. Then off to learn about Vietnam and Korea.


If was a lot to take in for a 9 year old. I learned a lot and have a better respect for people who fought in those battles. I am currently studying the Civil War in my history text and I enjoyed seeing some of the uniforms, weapons and items soldiers would have with them during the war.

Learning to Whittle

Whittling must be in my blood. I love it so much. I started with sticks and just sharpening them but now I am moving on with my skills. I am starting to make a totem pole with various animals. Mom and Dad are guiding me as I go but I think that I would like to take a class someday.


Oscar Scherer State Park

We took a family day trip down to the Sarasota area to visit another state park.

We checked out the visitors center and picked up out park ranger activity sheets. We visited the nature center and made some neat necklaces with the ranger. Then we went hiking. We hiked the Lester Finley, blue and green as well as the South Creek trails. It was a beautiful day for hiking.   


We saw the eagles nest. It is in one of the pine trees way behind us in this photo.


Hiking the pinewood flatlands was very nice.