Young Eagles Flight- Clearwater EAA 288


Today Mom took me to the Young Eagles flight day at Clearwater Airpark EAA 288. The pilot, Bruce, that I have flown with several times before was out sick. Mom eyeballed the list and found Peter, who also flies a RV series airplane. Peter has a RV6 that took him 5 years to build.

We got a tour of his plane and then we had to wait for the flights to be called.


My buddy, Lex, flew with Peter first and then it was my turn. He was a very popular pilot and I learned why. He was super kind and really listened and engaged with me. I told him I flew before a few times with Bruce and he must have felt confidence in me.


We got a pilots safety check and then loaded up.


We went over some instruments and controls. The RV6 is a side by side two seater so I was really in on the action.


Off we go, getting ready to taxi down the runway. The wind shifted just as we were rolling out so we had to turn around and go the other direction.


Here is a video of us taking off!

Taking off- Video!







We were gone 24 minutes, according to Mom! Our flight plan took us up along US 19 to New Port Richey, turning left and heading towards the coast, turning left again and down along the coast and over Honeymoon Island and then back to the airpark.



When I got back I was grinning ear to ear. Mom asked why and I told her I flew 3/4 of the trip! Peter let me take over once we got to altitude. I flew up until approach! WOW!

I was tempted to fly up into the clouds but I didn’t dare.

Every time I fly Mom says I look older when I land!IMG_9241



Me and Mr. Peter, aka Pilot Pete! He was an AWESOME instructor.

After our debrief he gave me a special flight map. It is outdated but really cool to look at. I can post out my flight path and the nearby airports.


Young Eagles is always so amazing!




Karate Promotion and Pokemon Club



Today at karate class I got my black stripe on my blue belt. I have been working really hard to earn it and hope to get my green belt this fall. It has been a long road since switching instructors and classes. I had to basically learn everything from the beginning. But I love my class and my instructor, Coach Rick.


After class we had a Pokemon trading card club gathering. There were 12 kids all busy wheeling and dealing! :)


Sea World Field Trip


We booked a homeschooler field trip to Sea World for this week. We went over the night before because we have been having a hard time getting up at 7am let alone even earlier to make it on time.

We watched an educational show on animal adaptations.


I was picked to me a team leader for a “food chain” game.




After the short program we had run of the park. We loved the Dolphin Nursery. They were very interactive and it was nice to see the mamas with the babies and not separated.

IMG_9001 IMG_9002

I loved all of the aquariums and tanks. This one was very neat that you could pop up inside and get a 360 degree view.


The dolphin show also had pilot whales. I had never need a living pilot whale before, just photos!


We had a quick lunch and then explored more.

IMG_9041 IMG_9042 IMG_9045

I loved the penguin exhibit but was very cold. I borrowed a shirt from one of our friend’ mom to stay warmer.

IMG_9071 IMG_9085

We got to feed the seals!


The shark tanks were very neat.



We also saw the orca show but sat in the splash zone so Mom had no camera out to take photos. Good thing too, we got SOAKED!

On the way out of the stadium I tripped and hurt my arm. Just a bad bruise. This is a photo taken a few days later (updated to blog).


What an awesome trip. I am so glad we have waiting to go to SeaWorld. We did the entire park (except a few rides). We were there for 10.5 hours and walked over 8 miles. We were all exhausted. I fell asleep on the way home.


Night of the Arts


We will call this “BOYS NIGHT OUT”. We picked up my friend, L, and headed to the Pinellas Park Preforming Arts Center. This year I did not preform but did enter the photo contest. Between acts they played lots of songs I knew and I just couldn’t help but dance.

The blurs are myself and my two friends G & L.




We had a great time watching all the talented 4H kids. Next year I am thinking of doing a musical skit. I have time to work on it but my mind is already rocking and rolling!

FLVS History and Science


I picked two more FLVS classes to take before our break. Sixth grade world history and seventh grade science. I only took the first semester in both classes and will make the second semester later this summer. I loved watching the videos and even Emmerson joined in.


The collaborative projects made my head hurt. I am much younger than most of the students in the classes but was amazed how some of them were rude, didn’t understand simple directions and just kept interrupting during the live lessons.

IMG_8734 IMG_8735

I had lots of projects for both classes. One of my favorites was building a model of the layers of the earth. I worked really hard on the project.

IMG_8740 IMG_8742 IMG_8747

For history I had to make a special purpose of the Inca Empire. I had to do lots of research and then draw, color and label the map.



I finished the science class in 3 weeks versus the 18 allotted. I got an A! The history class took 4 weeks and I got an A in that as well. I am really enjoying blasting through these classes in a single focus. I am also learning that tests aren’t that hard if i take good notes and study!



Fort DeSoto Campground


Dad worked to build a bike rack for the new truck so we can take our bikes on out journeys.


The first night at the campground Dad hurt his back and we had to take him to the ER. He wasn’t able to return to the campground with us. He had to stay home in bed and rest. Grandma Susie came down for a night and went on hikes with us.


We met the crew of a sailboat, the Winnie, that is sailing around the world. We talked to them for a bit and then they were off on their next part of their adventure. We are able to track them online at : Winnie Sails


We played at the beach and got covered with sand.


E read while I played and built sandcastles. IMG_8780 IMG_8786

One night Grandma and Grandpa came over and helped us cook dinner. I got a migraine and had to go lay down. I was feeling better by the time s/mores were up!

IMG_8789 IMG_8799 IMG_8801

We stayed up late and danced around the fire pit. Shark Bait OHHH HA HA!IMG_8809

I am the master of the fire!


I figured out how to make pretend light sabers out a flashlight in the smoke of the fire.

IMG_8823 IMG_8832

We took a trip to Tampa Bay Watch and I learned all about the conservation they do in our area beaches.


They have a sea grass restoration program.


The make oyster pots to help build oyster colonies to clean water and prevent erosion.


We got to pull up their mini habitats. There were shrimp, crabs and other things living on the ropes.

IMG_8843 IMG_8846

I could name every fish they had in their tanks and that really impressed the lady leading us around.

They even have huge educational tanks below their building.

IMG_8850 IMG_8851

Back at the campground we just hung out and explored all day.


We took an insanely long bike ride!


I loved all the cool trees we found. This was my favorite.

IMG_8873 IMG_8876

We went to the beach to look for shells. The shells aren’t as nice as Honeymoon Island but we still found quite a few keepers.

IMG_8880 IMG_8882 IMG_8886 IMG_8890


We had a great mini vacation. I really wish Daddy could have joined us but he is starting to feel a little better with rest and medication.



Learning New Chess Skills


We tried out the Homeschool Chess Club at the Long Center this week. It was a lot of fun and we got a lot of individual attention from the coach. I learned some new moves and a bit of strategy. I really enjoyed the class and hope that it fits into our schedule more often.

IMG_8728 IMG_8729