Demonstration Day for 4-H

Today I gave my “Tooth Trauma” talk.

After we wrapped up in our assigned rooms we ran out for some lunch and then met back for the awards. After winning a few for photos it was time for the demonstration awards. I was SHOCKED to win a blue ribbon.


I am so happy. I have worked so hard this year.




I won a blue ribbon and get to advance to districts in May. I also won a blue ribbon in photography anf go directly to state competition.

I won lots of red ribbons too for other photographs.

Rainbow Springs Camping Fun

We took a much needed getaway after our annual homeschool evals and before baseball starts up. We loaded the camper and headed to Rainbow Springs State Park up near Dunnellon.

While Mom and Dad set up camp, E and I whittled sticks.

We went on many hikes to explore the sandhill area. Since my 4-H competition is in less than two weeks this was a great chance touch and study the trees.

I acted as a junior guide and naturlist and pointed out longleaf pine, red oak, pawpaws and much more. We had to take a break to listen to the animals and nature sounds.

We spent the morning on a successful 2 hour canoe trip. We saw all sorts of fish, turtles and birds. We even had an alligator growl at us!

I loved hiking at the state park. There were a lot of manmade waterfalls, a butterfly garden and a rooving naturalist that I talked to for quite some time.

We found lots of spots where the water bubbles up to form the spring head.

I even made a friend and went swimming.

Floating in the warm water. it was 72f.

I challenged myself to swim out the middle of the roped area and try to stand on a giant rock. My first try I got out but went to the wrong part of the rock. Try #2 I made it!

photo 1

photo 4

We enjoyed the campground after a fun day of canoeing and hiking. I learned to play ping pong.

We made lassos and set animal traps.


Came home and parked the camper and headed off on a gnome hunt to win baseball tickets!

We won! hehe We found the gnome and eon 4 tickets to opening night.

Saying Goodbye

My best friend Aran is moving to Washington state in a few days. We have be super awesome friends since we were 4 years old. While our lives have taken different paths we have stayed friends. We share a love of Legos, science, nature and silliness. We visited his house for one last time today to say our goodbyes. I am going to try to keep in touch through email and regular mail. Gonna miss my buddy!

photo 1

photo 3

Night at Grandma Susie’s House

We had fun hiking at Anderson Park.

We saw some cool trees!

We even saw a black racer and a few aligators.

I am studying forest ecology for 4-H this month and I wanted to collect samples of all the plants I found. Grandma was supportive but we took pictures when we got home so we could dispose of the stinky plants.

I climbed some trees on our morning walk.

We had a great time at Grandma’s house.

Night of the Arts for 4-H

Tonight was 4-H Night of the Arts. This is the first year I have done something other than enter photos. I introduced myself.


Any played two piano songs: Pagoda in the Purple Mist and Ice Skaters


Concentrating hard on my songs.


While I was on stage I was given two certificated I had earned earlier in the year from the Marine Ecology contest.




At the awards at the end I won a red ribbon! I am excited and proud I even participated.




Happy boy with another red ribbon for this year!

photo 1

photo 2

Legoland Fun

We had no classes on Friday due to an upper grade math meet so Mom took us over to Legoland for the day. We enjoyed meeting the characters and trading minifigs.


E and I tried boating school on our own and had a great time.



We built monsters in the Hero Factory area.




We had some issues with mini fig trading. We had to go to customer service and deal with that. It was annoying but we still got to trade the figures and still had fun. Mommy didn’t have fun because she was the one dealing with customer service over the issue. The policy hasn’t changed but someone just felt like they should tell the staff to enforce it differently.

Legos and Art

We have been helping host a new Lego Club for homeschoolers. We had a great turnout.


We have been working on some art projects the last week as well. I had a fun time paining cup circles and then today we painted in all the voids and tried to make the same colors not touch. What a fun challenge.



We are also working on coloring pages to send to the military for a 4-H project.