Steak on the Porch


This is how you eat dinner when you are filthy from being outside most of the day. I was hungry but didn’t want to wash up for dinner because E and I were having such a great time outside. Filet mignon covered with blue cheese served on top of a cardboard box on the porch. That’s how I roll!


St. Pete Clearwater International Airport Field-trip


We had a great field-trip to the airport. We got to explore a UPS plane. I enjoyed sitting in the cockpit and seeing all the controls.



The cargo part of the plane was amazing. It was huge. They told us that this was the smallest of the cargo planes in their fleet. We liked checking out the rollers and learning hot the containers packed with packages are loaded and sent off.

DSCN0294 DSCN0296 DSCN0298

We also got a tour of the airport firetruck. It is much different than a normal fire truck. We learned that this fire truck will respond off site as well to accidents if they are the closest unit. It has 4 minutes of water on board plus foam and gear for dealing with very high temperature airplane fires.

DSCN0302 DSCN0306 DSCN0312IMG_2663

The fire truck gave us a water solute as it drove away. IMG_2667

We also had a class on the principles of flight. I knew the material and was bored with this part of the program but I stuck with it. DSCN0322

The end of the field trip took us through the new exit pods at the airport. It is supposed to be a long term money saving way to exit the terminals. The first door closes behind you and you wait for the second to open. If the machine detects anything left in the pot (even a penny) the pod won’t reopen the first door. This is to keep people from sneaking into the terminals.


We also saw the classic Beinoist airplane that hangs in the lobby.



What a great field trip.


Crystal Springs Preserve



We took a field trip to Crystal Springs Preserve for a homeschool class on microbes. It was pouring down rain the entire drive and most of the class. The preserve was so pretty in the rain.


We learned all about microscopes and how they work. They we learned about different microscopic organisms.


We took a hike and gathered water samples. Then we used a pipet to put the samples into centrifuge tubes. We tied a string to the end of the tube and then went outside and spun the tubes to get the organisms to settle to the bottom.  Next we put the tubes under the microscope. We saw all sorts of cool nematodes, worms, amoebas and paramecium.

IMG_2633 IMG_2645 IMG_2646

It was such an awesome class. I can’t wait to go back for more classes in the future.

Science Motor Kit


We bought these neat engine kits at Costco. We spent the entire evening assembling them. I worked really hard on my kit but kept getting tripped up. Dad to the rescue and after him using lots of colorful new words we got the machine working, mostly.

IMG_2588 IMG_2590

Woodcarving Panther


I finished my turtle and have moved on to a panther. This is another 3D sculpture. It is tougher because I have to balance the legs and tail to show motion.


So far it is looking awesome. I really hope to finish it before Thanksgiving.




We got a new game at the comic shop this week. It is called Takenoko. You have to farm bamboo for a hungry panda. It is a fun game and lots of challenges. Thunder wanted to play as well.


This was the first game in a while that we were all smiles at the end of. No tears from anyone!


Archery Madness


I am working really hard on my form lately. I had a frustrating day but am trudging forward. I have been working hard on my Xs on the 10yard range. I really enjoy shooting at the 3D targets for fun at the end of class.


Beach Day with Friends

The evenings are finally cooler and beach weather again. We joined some of our friends for an evening of beach fun.



We made a giant structure in the sand wall. It had flowing aqueducts, tunnels and lots of hidden wading pools.



We swam in the calm warm water.



We jumped off the sand wall.





We had a wonderful time and I am excited for more fall beach evenings in the near future!

4-H Forest Ecology Clinic in Gainesville


Mom dragged me out of bed in the dark. We drove 3 hours to get to the 9am class in Gainesville. I talked and talked for the first hour and then zonked out mid sentence.


We had some cool classes with University of Florida professors and grad-students.  I really liked the “What is a leaf?” class.


We learned about compasses and had to mark pace and direction.


In our downtime we shoulder surfed as a friend played Minecraft on his Mom’s phone.


We stuck cicada exoskeletons all over the adults.


We tried to stay serious after a 8 hour day of classes and programs.


We all survived to the end, well most of us!

I am really looking forward to the Forest Ecology Contest this year.