May Not So Madness

Well, not much has really happened since COVID-19 hit. We have stayed home a lot. Our summer vacation plans to Alaska were canceled. I decided I wanted a bearded dragon so we did some research and found a local breeder and met them out in Tampa to make a purchase. Mom slammed her finger in the Jeep door and it really hurts. Classes started up at SPC for the summer and I decided to take a few (Physics and Art History) since I had absolutely nothing else going on all summer. We had some excitement with the archery room at the 4-H house flooded. A pipe on the toilet broke and ruined the flooring and baseboards in the entire house. We got it all cleaned up and the equipment relocated, not like we are shooting right now anyway.

Sunshine has been the highlight of the summer so far. Oh and the Forest Ecology contest went virtual. I think I did well, I should know in a few weeks. We suspect nationals will be canceled.