Forestry Camp at Brooker Creek

I attended a Forestry Camp at Brooker Creek this week. It was called Teens for Trees.We learned about urban forestry, insects, diseases, the value of a tree and so much more. We got to plant a tree at Brooker to replace the one struck by lightning.  We learned how to properly clean up a tree and trim it. Urban Forestry came out and gave a wonderful demonstration on proper techniques. We learned about run off and how certain fertilizers can pollute the waterways in addition to oils and gasoline.This was an AMAZING camp and I hope they do it again in the future and more kids attend.

Learning CPR

We got to the class a wee but early and had time to kill. I passed the time making Mom take stupid selfies. We were eager to learn all about CPR and how to help save lives if we ever needed too. We got to practice on these dummies, small baby sized dummies and even got to use the AED. The babies were digital and the lights on the diaper would blink green if you were going it correctly. Staying alive staying alive…ah…ahhh. ahhh. ahhh. We learned the rhythm and the song to help us remember. 

Mom, E and I are all not CPR certified. Hopefully we never have to use it but it was an excellent experience. They also gave a crash course in Narcam and drug overdoses, that was scary stuff!