Bat Box for 4-H

One of our club members organized the installation of a bat box at the Ochs Property. We dug a massive hole. Made a trench to help get the pole into place. Final touches on the box. Everything in stalled and hopefully over engineered. Time to put it up! Teacmwork! LIFT! In the ground, hold it steady! D poured the concrete base mix. Hold it for a while! It’s UP! VICTORY!

Insectathon 2019 at UF

I entered 2 art pieces this year but did not win any awards. Oh well! P and I attended the collection talks to see what we have to do for next year! We also tried out the Linean games contest. Next year we have to compete in this too! E and A swept the Junior arts. Also Junior Specialty collection. P got 3rd in intermediate arts. Junior collection E got 2nd. Missed 1st by one insect! P and I with out collections! I got 1st and he got 1st place new youth. E and W with the overall contest. The junior team got 1st place! P and I did amazing in the all around. A happy W! Look at all those awards! Way to go team! Back at the campground, we hunted dark with our new UV flashlights and glasses. Things certainly light up!

Forest Ecology Hike

We have started back up our Forest Ecology Team for 4-H this year. We had a fin educational hike at Brooker Creek Preserve. We had one new team member this year. We had a nice study session in the AC after the hike. Everyone looked through sample books and talked about different techniques to recognize certain plants and trees. E and I taught people about the insects and disease section.  I ran for VP of the county council. I won! Well, I was unopposed! 🙂 Yes, I am getting tall! I am about 5’9″ right now and still going! 

Random January Stuff – Birthday, Les Mis and More

Emmerson turned 11 this week. One of our Luna moths hatched on his birthday! This look like this when they hatch then in a few hours unfurl their wings. We sang Happy Birthday to Emmerson at 4-H. Then for his birthday gift we all went to see Les Miserables at the Straz in Tampa. We went to a fancy dinner beforehand. I am SO excited to see the show and it did not disappoint! I was singing along and smiling through the entire thing. The next day we were all exhausted but I had to go to a late evning county council meeting for 4-H. I think I want to run for Vice President. Oh, we are also finishing up our Cornell Drawer storage unit. We have been working on it over the last few weeks.

It came out great and holds all the drawers with a little extra space!

We are also having a lot of fun t archery. We made targets and shot at them this week. This was my friend Maleah’s target.