Holiday Spirit

We are home and settled for a few days. We helped Mom put up the tree.

IMG_3932 IMG_3940

Goofy kids wanting their photos tie the tree. IMG_3959

We got an early Christmas gift of Lego Dimensions for the WiiU. We have been playing nonstop. It is a great game and we can both play and work together on it.


We took Dad to see the Florida Botanical Lights. We all love the pretty lights and it is a great way to kick off the holiday.

IMG_3984 IMG_4010

Thanksgiving in North Carolina

Grandma and Grandpa drove us up with the to North Carolina for the holiday. We were a bit iPad addicted but the weather was cold so we just hung out. We needed the break.


Mom brought crafts for us to do and that took up some of the days.


We went out to see the new Charlie Brown Snoopy movie. It was HILARIOUS!


We hiked around the lake a few times. Mom likes to take this photo every time we are up there.

IMG_3870 IMG_3872

Family arrived Wednesday and we had a great time hanging out. Dad made Emmerson a Rice Crispy turkey to eat.


We sat around and told stories, laughed and played games. We have a new one called One Night Werewolf. It was a hit!


We enjoyed our LONG drive home. It was great to be able to move around, use the potty, grab a snack and more without having to pull off the road. We all took turns trying out the various seating options. I really like the front seat. Mom went back and took a nap while I kept Dad company.


We had a great Thanksgiving with family. Looking forward to a relaxing no travel Christmas.

New Motorhome

Mom and Dad are up in Nappannee, Indiana at Newmar picking up the new home on wheels. Mom got to climb the ladder and inspect the top. IMG_3780

Checking it our in the service bay for delivery. Once the main kinks are gone through then they will drive it to the campsite at the lot at Newmar.

IMG_3782 IMG_3784

We all love the big window at the back on the coach.


Bunk beds for the boys.



Very spacious with the slides out. The kitchen in very nice.

Mom and Dad had a fun time getting to know the new motorhome and touring the factory. We hope to all go up this summer and take another tour.


On the way to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad stopped at the Kentucky Arts Center for a free night parking in the lot. IMG_3828