Another Week Flew By


We checked out a new indoor rock climbing place called Vertical Ventures. I really enjoyed the free climbing area. At first I was a bit scared but then I got the hang of it.


I did well on the harnessed walls.


I tried some bouldering and after many attempts made it to the top!


I have been working hard on my hedgehog carving.


I went to a 4-H event called County Congress were we learned about office responsibilities and then we had an officer ceremony.IMG_2129

This year I am the club historian. I didn’t want to be president again this year, I wanted to give another kid a shot at it.


I am whipping through my school without much drama this year.


My bug collection is growing rapidly.


Archery is still going well. I am really learning a lot and quickly. I really want to compete for 4-H in the future.


We took a few gymnastics classes but they they raised the place and changed the day and it didn’t fit our schedule. E is taking a class on Fridays when I take a PE class, but at a different place.


As you can see my hedgehog is completed.


I am now starting on a turtle. I love working with the group of older gentleman.


New Fall Fun Classes


It is going to be a fun year with extra activities. I am really enjoying my new archery program. I have a great coach who is really pushing me to excel. I am hitting Xs at the 10 yard fairly consistent and starting to do better at the 20 yard targets.

IMG_1844 IMG_1848 IMG_1862

I am working in my 4-H project books early this year to get them done and out of the way before the chaos of the holidays starts up.


I am also taking a wood carving class. So far so good. I have only drawn blood the first two classes.


We are learning about relief and 3D carving.


We got a new desk for me to work at this year. So far it is working out really well. I haven’t exactly figured out how to sit on the yoga ball. Somedays I sit fine…


Other days I create an entirely new way to sit. Sometimes I sit on my knees and bounce.


We wrapped up our summer of free bowling.


I am starting a new woodworking project, a hedgehog!