October Randomness

We have been busy getting the pop-up ready for our annual Halloween at the Fort. So it has been a bit boring on our adventures.

I found this pumpkin at the Long Center and I laughed and laughed. It is a “Pumpkin Pi”! hahahaha


One of my hermit crabs molted this week and is searching for a new shell.


I have mastered tying my shoes…finally! Now I can help Emmerson with his shoes!


We found this funny little Halloween hedgehog cat toy at the pet store. The cats have already misplaced it under a sofa or something.


Busy Day

When I go to music class or anyplace else that there are building toys in the lobby I love to have mom take photos of things I build.


More building at 4H. Today we learned about balance with out junk drawer balance beams.


Hedgie enjoyed the day with an extended play time in his big blue pool. He is really liking this new addition.


Hedgie is getting BIG! He got a bath today do he looks more pink than normal. All clean and shiny. He was a bit itchy so he got an oatmeal bath after his washing.


Who knew Ivory soap was SO cool!

If you stick a piece of Ivory soap in the microwave you get an expanding lump of craziness! This is because Ivory soap has lots of air molecules trapped inside (if is also the only soap that floats). When the air is headed it expands and bounces around and tries to make more room for itself. When the mess cools it stays all fluffy! We are going to use the soap for the bathtub and washing out hands. So nothing went to waste!


Sleepover at Grandma Susie’s

To give us a break from all the doing nothing we went and spent a few nights with Grandma Susie.

She took us to the pumpkin patch and we picked out some little cute pumpkins.


We sent a day at the beach playing in the sand and surf.


We made little tide pools.


I looked for sea life.


We had a fun time with Grandma and are ever grateful for the break from the house!