Rainy Day Crazies

What do you do when it is rainy non stop outside? Put pants on your head and dance around the house. When Mom finally has had enough she sends you outside to play in the warm Florida rain…


Only to discover that making muddies and “painting” the house is really.


Throwing mud balls.


We have to CLEAN IT TOO???




We washed off the wall and then turned to the table for mud paining. We had a blast playing the rain. We love it when it rains with no lightning.


So proud or the mess we made!


Family Time

Even the kitten is getting in on snuggle time lately. Thunder is tolerating Storm and his craziness very well.


A trip to the airport to get our Trusted Travelers IDs issued.


We went to EPCOT for the day to have a break from life. I learned i like “cream based soups”.



We ended up staying over at Animal Kingdom Lodge and even got to decorate our own cookies.



The next day we went to Hollywood studios. I finally asked to see the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. What to our wonderful surprise our family friend, Mr. Tom, was playing the director of the show! He rarely if ever fills in here anymore since he is normally Bruce in the Nemo show. We got to go down after the show and meet the cast.


Meeting Cozi!

We went to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to see a special screening of a new documentary called Winter’s Tale. I love Winter the dolphin so I hoped it would be a lot of fun.


Before the show the girl who played Hazel in the film (Cozi Zuehlsdorff) and the director answered questions and talked about the filming.


After the movie, which I LOVED, I got to meet Cozi! I think I am in love! Everyone said we looked a LOT alike. I can’t wait to see Dolphin Tale 2 next year. They are starting filming at the aquarium and around town already for the new movie.



Learning more about photography, violin and friends

This week in my life I spent the day with Daddy teaching me to take photographs for 4-H Marine Ecology Contest in November. I had a great time taking pictures of spiders in webs, birds, sea life, plants and much more.


Our music theory class had a special guest teacher this week and we got a chance to learn a bit about the violin. I readily enjoyed it but was easily frustrated and think I will stick with piano.


Another Lego team meeting and complete silliness while learning about tsunamis.


I used to wander out of the room and sulk half way through because i was overwhelmed with the noise and chaos.


Now I am part of the group and making new friends. Mom said that is a LOT of hair for one photo!