Easter 2013

The day before Easter we had Funny Bunny breakfast roles. Mommy found them online and Daddy made them.


Boy were they yummy!


We went to a karate demo by my classmates. I participated a little but wasn’t acting myself.


We did an egg hunt but I was super grumpy.


I did perk up a bit to dye eggs.



Shortly after I finished dying my eggs I started to feel really icky. Then the tummy bug hit me hard. I missed Easter all together. We never even had our egg hunt at home because I felt so horrible. I missed the family time but did get to spend 2 days no the sofa with unlimited cartoons! It took a good 3 days before I felt myself again and then Emmerson came down with the plague. 🙁

I even missed April Fool’s Day! I think that was harder for me than missing Easter! I have been looking forward to April Fool’s Day all YEAR!

Hanging at the Zoo with My Pal Aran

Aran rode with us to the zoo today. We all got crazy wound up but calmed down when Mommy said we were distracting when she was driving. We then pretended to be robots.


We visited the dinosaur exhibit that is currently at the zoo. I love DinoQuest!




We ate some seriously blue frozen ice treats!!!


I love hanging out with Aran. He is moving sometime in the future and I am going to certainly miss him!