Silly Science Day

I have been working really hard at getting my homeschool work done each day. I really have wanted to do science projects with Mommy. Today we did a few projects but making GOO was by far my favorite.

2 parts cornstarch and 1 part water. Add a drop of food coloring and mix… if you can!




Great Friends

I get at least one playdate a week with Aran now. We swim, play Legos and Playmobil, build creations, do science and so many other things. I like visiting his house because his toys are different and he share very well. This week Aran dressed up as Harry Potter. I thought it was awesome!


Miss Aunna and Aran.


Piano Lessons Take 2!

As you may recall I took piano lessons this same time last year. I essentially got kicked out for being goofy, silly and well, playing the piano with my toes! Mommy, through a friend, found Miss Cynthia. Miss Cynthia is so patient with me and tolerates my distractible personality. She said I am actually doing very well and zipping through my lessons. Mommy makes sure I practice every day! I get stars on a chart and can earn all sorts of prizes for 25 stars.

I practice everyday and this week couldn’t get my songs right but came lesson time with Miss Cynthia, I got them all perfect! I am learning how to read music now and not just use the numbered fingers. So far so good and NO feet on the piano.



Lego Master Builder

Daddy bought me a subscription to the Lego MBA! (master Builders Association). The MBA teaches you all sorts of fun new Lego secrets. I built this really cool spaceship and posted it to my new lego webpage! I get to build several different kids every few months. Best part is that they come in the mail and the more you build the more rewards and tips you earn!