Little Engine That Could

I went to see a play with Mommy today. We had a nice date. I got dressed really handsome in my button down shirt. We headed off to Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater to see “The Little Engine That Could”. We had awesome seats about 20 rows up right in the middle!!! I was really interested in all the lighting and how that worked. I really want a back stage tour someday. I sat really still and listened to the story. I even started to sing with the performers! They really engages and involved the audience. I liked how the conductor kept changing hats to mean he was with a new train.


After the play I got the chance to stay late and meet the actors and actresses! I waited very patiently and was so excited when it was finally my turn. It was neat to see the actors up close and see all their makeup. You could even see where their microphones were tapes to their faces!


They were so very nice and asked me lots of questions about the show. I gave honest feedback and told them I liked the monkey the best because his arms were funny! Red Dress Doll was a bit scary to me but I liked the Clown! 🙂

photo 2.jpg

The Teddy Bear had really neat make-up too! I asked Mommy if it was forever make-up because he was all sweaty and the make-up was still there. Mommy giggled and explained.

photo 3.jpg

My favorite… MONKEY! He was super nice to me and spent a few minutes talking about stage lighting and all the things that go on behind the scene! It was really fun!


I want to be in a play someday. I want to go back to Ruth Eckerd soon to see another play as well! 🙂

Fossil Fest 2010

Today we went out to the Florida State Fairgrounds for “Fossil Fest” Hosted by the Tampa Bay Fossil Club. Uncle Matt had recently sent me some geodes to crack open and a bunch of other cool rocks and gems. I have been really obsessed with fossils and rocks every since.

Today was basically a HUGE showroom with lots of vendors. The fossil club had a kids dig area. You paid 75 cents and could dig for 3 minutes in a HUGE sandbox. I really liked finding the BIG things. These are the ones that were bigger than my hands. Some took me a while to “dig” up. Mommy want hunting too but she looked for the little fossils.


This is a vertebra of either a whale, dolphin or a manatee (dugong).



This is a picture of all the smaller pieces. The collection is probably about 20+ pounds of fossils.


I was told this is possibly a part of a mammoth tooth.


This is pieces of different types of turtle shells. The brown one is from a soft shell turtle. The fragments on the right are horse teeth!


These are sections of ribs from various animals. The first one is possibly a dugong tooth (manatee).


Another bone fragment.


These are more manatee rib bones.


sea urchins.


Fragments of sting ray mouth plates.


Lots of shark teeth from either sand, tiger, lemon, bull, mako and extinct tiger sharks.


After going in the dig area about 6 times I got to do some exploring. I loved looking at all the fossils. I was especially interested in anything dinosaur. I also bought some grab bags full of miscellaneous crystals, gems, rocks and marbles. I was so excited!

I spent the entire afternoon sorting, examining and trying to rebuild animals! 🙂

YMCA Egg Hunt

Today we went to the YMCA for a buffet breakfast and Easter related games, crafts and an egg hunt. I was super excited to try to get a lot of eggs in my NEW Spiderman bucket. I had to give up my old bucket because it was the only thing Mommy had when I had the stomach flew a few weeks ago. So needless to say, we are NOT going to use the old bucket! I waited patiently for the hunt to begin.


Grandma Jo helped me scope out some cool looking eggs.


Then I was OFF! I am the purple spec in the middle of the field. As my true hunting style I was ALLLLL over the place. Running past dozens of eggs and only getting the ones that “looked cool”.


Running past MORE eggs.


Then I found an entire TREE of eggs!!! How cool!


What a stash! I had so much FUN!


We had to open the eggs to see if we won special prizes. Then we cashed in out empty eggs for a goody bag full of Easter candy yumminess! 🙂


Okay, okay, my hair is a disaster. I REFUSE to let Mommy to anything with it. I really want to grow it out to a ponytail length all around, including the bangs. So for the next year you may only see my eyes if you hold up my hair. Mommy pulls it back in a pony tail at night and that helps tame it a bit! 🙂 Oh, I am wearing my candy necklace that I made at one of the craft tables.