BYE BYE Fishtank

After much discussion we decided to get rid of the fishtank. We have all spent many hours enjoying the fishtank during meals or while working at the table. But sadly, it must now go away.


Mommy and Daddy moved the dining room table out of the way for the man who was buying the tank from us. Emmerson and I enjoyed sliding around the room all morning until the guy showed up.


Posing for a few pictures for memory reasons.


Showing off all my favorite fish and things in the tank.


I am going to miss all the algae! Oddly, I was the only one in the family that enjoyed it!


The ops of the tank was finally removed many hours after the work was started. Mommy kept Emmerson and I out for most of the day to keep us from under peoples feet.


I liked going out and checkin in the buckets and barrels in the guys truck to say goodbye to EACH fish.


Finally all gone!


Now to paint the ceiling and walls and reclaim out dining room.


We are going to buy some Ikea shelves and put in more storage for my homeschool things and a desk to work at too! I am convinced I am getting a frog… but Mommy and Daddy keep telling me otherwise.

Golden Rainbow Ranch in Brooksville

Today we took a long drive up to Brooksville to meet up with some friends for a day on a farm.

Golden Rainbow Ranch may just be my new favorite place to visit. We learned all about the farm rules and then were turned loose! 🙂

45 IMG_9001

We got to hunt for eggs.

57 DPP_0076

I LOVED the bones.

80 IMG_9147

The hayride was awesome.

79 DPP_0076a

Smell that sweet hay!

92 DPP_0079

I fed the goats may times.

B and Miss Val feeding the goats

This guy was my favorite. He followed me all over the place.

Apparently Breighton thinks this goat has a big mouth

You have to watch out where you step or your shoes will bring home goat droppings.

Breighton LOVED the goat pasture! :)

Hey Buddy, Hey Kid!

Hey, where did you come from?

Quite the goat whisperer.


Emmerson even joined in the conversation.

Goats on a ramp.

I got distracted by a vine. I was swinging like Tarzan until the vine snapped! 🙂

TARZAN! Swinging on a vine!

Miss Ali, who own the farm, quickly became my best friend. I had to show her everything!

Breighton and his new best friend, Miss Ali! :)

She was so kind to oblige and allow me to lead for a while.

Miss Ali I have to show you something....

We took a fun hay ride around the farm and got the lay of the land.


Even their poodle got into the mix. He can ride the donkey!

It's the dog and pony show... i mean donkey! :)

I liked talking to the horse.

Breighton loved the horses...

After lunch we went on an egg hunt in the barn. I found lots of eggs and shared them with all of the other kids.

Egg hunt in the coop!

Including Emmerson.

So proud of his eggs.

I found goats sleeping in a water trough. I thought that was HILARIOUS!

Hmmmm, goats in the water bowl... is that the remix of "pants on the ground"

I led some of the kids through the woods looking for eggs. Of course we didn’t find any.

Checking the woods for eggs...nada!

We fed miniature horses.

Feeding the horses....LICK!

I was fascinated by the bone yard. A lot of the bones were from animals that the farm dogs killed. Some were from Miss Ali’s personal collection.

Horse bones and gator bones and Breighton is hogs-heaven! :)

I really liked feeding the cows. I filled their entire trough with hay!

Breighton loaded the trough with hay all by himself! :)

All I wanted to do was to milk a goat. Miss Ali tried really hard to convince me but i chickened out at the last second. Maybe next time!

Breighton ALMOST milked the goat. He ALMOST did! He got "freaked out" when the goat kicked.

The older kids were being silly and pulling people in the little wagon. I had to be a part of that.

Mini hayride being pulled by the golf cart.

We had a big hay fight and then sat down for a break.

Impossible to get them both looking and smiling at the same time.

Wrapping up the day. It was so much fun. I got to bring home an egg that i colored and a neat picture frame art project. What a grand time we all had! 🙂

What a lovely day on the farm! :)