Face Painting!

This is the first time I have allowed my face to be painted. I only let it happen because I aw the lady could do a wicked cool dragon/dinosaur!

I held really still and waited very patiently when the lady worked.


The mouth of the dinosaur was part of my mouth. So when I opened and said ROAR it did too!


Sadly I rubbed at my face before we got home to get the good camera. The dino had big white teeth and a huge red eye. It was really awesome!


Tiny Tot Soccer Skills

I took a month of Tiny Tot Sports Skills at Dunedin Recreation Center this month. Monday nights I did T-ball and Wednesday nights I did soccer.

T-ball was a flop because the coach couldn’t keep us kids engaged. Oh well. I liked soccer better anyway!

Learning how to dribble.


I am really getting the hang of this quickly.


Coach Stephen had a weave in and out of cones in a choo-choo train line.


I thought this was fun and kept making train noises!


I was fantastic at running out the cones!


But once I turned the last cone I got silly and would only run in large circles. Some of the circles took me almost to those cars behind me! What a goof!


We got to kick goals at Coach Stephen! I was AWESOME at kicking!


Learning to trap the ball with my foot…


…then KICK!


I really enjoyed soccer and hope to play next year when I turn 4 in a non-competitive league! 🙂 Maybe at the YMCA?