Feeling a Bit Better

I was feeling a bit better today and really wanted to go to school to see my treats at halftime of the PreK soccer game.

We marched around and held up signs advertising our snacks! $1 each to go to the Jewish Tree Fund!


My classmates and I snacking on our treats! 🙂


Everyone in class is sniffling and coughing. This may be a bad weekend. At least I am already on antibiotics! 🙂

After Three Days of Boogers…

Mommy and Daddy took me and Emmerson to the doctor. Somehow we managed to get walking pneumonia. Both of us seem fine but just have runny noses and a few little coughs. Well, today it hit me a bit harder and now I am on antibiotics and a breathing treatment (so is Emmerson). Turns out I also have a double ear infection! This has been a rough few months for sickness in our house.

I am tolerating the breathing treatments, after the throwing up the first day in fear! Mommy and Daddy are bribing me with toys if I do good breathing treatments. Anything to get me better. I should be back to school tomorrow to watch the PreK kids play soccer.

I even took a nap today in my animal pile again. Can you find me!??


Sick Day at Moccasin Lake

I feel fine but my nose is running running running so I got to stay home today with Mommy and Daddy and Emmerson!

We needed something to do since I am not “acting” sick to pass the time on a beautiful day. We headed to Moccasin Lake Nature Park for some hiking and exploring.

They had a near interactive display about animal tracks and identifying other things you find in the nature park.


We were looking at the old fashion hydroponic garden and I spied a new friend!


He was hiding under one of the garden boxes.


Oddly, I found him before Mom and Dad! Maybe because I like to look in holes!


On our hike we saw alligators, birds, spiders and many other small creatures. Suddenly Mommy stopped and pointed out some tracks in the sand.


We bent down for a closer look.


I felt my magnifying glass would help me see even better! I decided the tracks were either from a opossum or a raccoon. I think they were a raccoon, we followed them to the trash can! Raccoons like to steal food and garbage. I I am voting raccoon! What science skills I am learning! 🙂


Mommy and I wandered more as Daddy pushed Emmerson and manned the camera! 🙂


What a pretty day for a nature walk. Maybe my nose should run more often!



I can’t get enough of this place. After berry picking we came over to Dinosaur World mainly because it is at the same exit off of I4 as the berry place! 🙂


I really just wanted to play in the boneyard the entire time.


There were barely any other kids there so I collected all the shovels and was making a wall to keep me safe from the dinosaurs!


Watching sand fall!


I still love these silly photo things. Why is Mommy upside down? who knows! Silly Mommy!


Strawberry Pickin Time!

Today we drove out to Plant City to pick “hydroponic u=pick strawberries”. What a mouthful! Words and berries! 🙂

We got to taste different varieties and decide which we liked the best. Then each row was labeled with the type of berry. What fun and what YUM!

Mommy teaching me about picking the “right” berry, not all the white ones!


I quickly got the hang of it.


Daddy and Emmerson picked a bunch. I picked one little basket and then went to play with my friends who came to pick today as well.


Breighton, Noah, Michael (MJV), Emmerson and Madi


Thank goodness i didn’t get a tummy ache like I did when I picked raspberries last summer in Ohio!