The $40 water main leak…

Mommy and Daddy promise they will help me get caught up with blogging and the awesome trip to see Uncle Matt.  But, right now I wanted to make a quick post…

Mommy and Daddy noticed the ground was wet and water draining onto the road from the neighbors’ water meter area.  Since they weren’t home, Mommy and Daddy called the water department to report a leak figuring they would either fix it (if it was the City’s problem) or shut off the water (if it was the neighbor’s problem).

So the water department came and tore up the meter area to find the leak (and for the record left when shift ended with water leaking faster onto the street!).  Anyway, I was curious so went to watch.  Mommy explained that the box and thing in the ground was a water meter.  I wanted to go see ours. 

We went over to ours and Mommy opened the cover and lo and behold: A toad!

I had to have Mommy catch it.  We put it in the spare Aqua-Pod aquarium but realized it will just climb right out.  Out came the cling-wrap to make a toad proof top.  But, since it’s only cling wrap, it had to stay outside on the patio table.

I love watching it!  

Then Daddy made me cry and have a break down.  He explained we could keep him (or her!) to watch until bedtime and then would have to let it go so it wouldn’t get too cold overnight and die (since it can’t burrow down like it could if it were free) and we can’t bring it in since it will escape.  Well… I didn’t like that at all.  As I told Daddy “I have to keep it in my bedroom.  I’ll be sad forever if it goes away.” 

After quite a while of being emo, Mommy and Daddy realizing this was a big deal.  Daddy went to the store and bought a place for me to keep him… and some food… and some moss for him to bed down in… and some aquarium rocks for him to explore… and a hollowed out small branch for him to hide in.

So, anyway, I’m happy about it and will post a picture of him soon.

Anyway, Daddy keeps muttering about “darn $40 water main leak”.  Go figure!

Bye Bye…



I finally am “done”. I have been 100% for four days so far… no accidents. Today was my last obstacle… poopie in the potty at school! I DID IT! If I can go the rest of the week accident free at home and school I can finally wear underwear to school! So after vacation I hope to be in underwear full time! 🙂 YEAH ME!

My motivation:

1) A really neat Imaginext Dinosaur

2) Not being the last kid in class to learn… there is still one more “baby who doesn’t poop in the potty” in my class.

3) A Diego sticker tracking chart that I am only 4 stickers away from a neat prize! 🙂

GO ME!!!!